January Market: A season for new beginnings!

    January Market: A season for new beginnings!

    Jan 16, 2019

    Have a good idea for a business? Looking for a place to give it a try? If you have an idea for a new business or want to talk to someone about it, why not give me a call? We may know the ideal spot - or we may have an idea for a place that could help you test that business out. We recently got the listing for a commercial space on High Street, directly across the street from a well loved and frequently visited store in the middle of Hope.

    The owners are community minded retailers who are willing to discuss a variety of ideas and to collaborate on the marketing. Envision your new venture here and give us a call to discuss. All ideas will be discussed. Who knows? The year 2019 might be your founding date.

    Here are a few pictures of the exterior and interior of 900 square feet of lovely space - perfect for retailers, general services (Lawyers, Accountants, etc.), a Coffee and Bakery Spot, a "General" Store, Community Center, Educational Service, Florist Shop, Ice Cream Parlor, etc. It might be a good place for a few collaborative businesses.

    Below are a few shots that will give you an idea of how special the place is - and what it could become. It even has an

    old fashioned front porch upon which to perch! Perhaps with an ice cream cone or a cup or glass of something delicious?

    The interior is heated in winter and cool in summer and presents more than one seating area for conversations and fun!

    All this, plus an outdoor space that can be used for events, community gatherings and parties and a large and thoughtfully equipped bathroom.

    Currently this space is being used as a gallery for local artists, events and community meetings. We'd love to hear your ideas, too. Be sure to call me with any/all questions! I can be reached at 917-847-7377 - phone or text, anytime.