Columbia River Realty Announces Move and Rebrand

    Columbia River Realty Announces Move and Rebrand

    Sep 07, 2021



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    Columbia River Realty Announces Building Purchase and Unveils Rebranding Campaign That Targets the Significance of Home, Inspires Real Estate Consumers to Demand More From Brokerages 


    WASHOUGAL, Wash., Sept. 7, 2021 – Columbia River Realty ERA Powered today announced Owner and Designated Broker Charline Wright purchased and relocated her brokerage to the former Flower's Washougal building at 1203 'E' Street, Washougal, Wash. She finalized the purchase on Aug. 31, 2021. Washougal's only brick-and-mortar real estate brokerage moved from Washougal Town Square, where they were since 2013. The new location is more visible to the public, accessible, and offers more space for client and agent services and amenities. 


    The brokerage will host a Community Office Warming Celebration on Thursday, Oct. 14, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. There will be simmering potpourri for the first 50 guests, cookies from Pretty+Baked, and a door prize raffle. 


    "Columbia River Realty is excited to attract and support new agents and clients and further connect with the communities we serve," said Wright. 


    Columbia River Realty also unveiled a rebranding campaign. The campaign represents a complete overhaul of the brokerage. It addresses the disconnect between helping consumers buy a home that has the potential to offer a life-changing experience but brokers not going the extra mile to empower homeowners to live their best life once the real estate transaction closes. 


    The significance of home has taken hold of homeowners since the beginning of the pandemic. This mindset was brought into sharp focus by a recent Pew Research study. Two-thirds of homeowners say home is more important now than before. Respondents value a slower pace of life, time for new hobbies, home improvements, and relaxation. 


    The campaign launched with a new tagline, 'Buy, Sell, Live Well,' and an updated logo, brand colors, and property signage from Camas-based designer Erica Stupfel. 


    "Columbia River Realty understands the significance of home, and that makes what we do more meaningful," said Wright. "Our brokers will continue to provide excellent support to our clients throughout the homeownership cycle by sharing content focused on what homeowners care about right now – living well at home. This rebrand is just the beginning of challenging the real estate industry to provide lifestyle content that empowers homeowners to live the life of their dreams and maintain an ongoing purpose-driven relationship with their clients." 


    Wright says the pandemic also made the brokerage more mindful about supporting local businesses through content marketing. "It's hard watching businesses you care about struggle, so look for spotlights about the people, places, and things that make Southwest Washington special," she says. "You'll know where to find the best bike rental, sunrise hike, and breakfast bagel in town."


    The brokerage now partners with Camas-based business Hidden River Roasters to offer 'Your Home Blend,' marketed as 'Roasted whole bean coffee from a growing riverside town – both warm and ready to make you feel at home.'


    "The rebrand is a chance for Columbia River Realty to live its purpose every day: to create a kinder world where you love your home, connect to your community, and live the life of your dreams,” says Wright. “When you drive by our new office, we want you to remember that Columbia River Realty is a forward-thinking real estate brokerage deeply rooted in human kindness, passion, and purpose." 




    About Columbia River Realty

    Columbia River Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage providing residential and commercial services to buyers and sellers in Southwest Washington. Founded in 2013, it remained the only brick-and-mortar real estate office in Washougal, Wash. We've made a mission to find ways for clients to love their real estate experience and connect to their homes and community. In 2019, Columbia River Realty affiliated with ERA Real Estate, a global franchising leader, and expanded to Stevenson, Wash. 


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