How to Make EASY Artisan Bread: Video Tutorial

    How to Make EASY Artisan Bread: Video Tutorial

    Apr 17, 2020

    There’s nothing like homemade bread to make a house smell like a home! 🏡

    My sister recently told me about a pregnant woman in the grocery store buying a large bag of flour...she turned to ask my sister if it was “regular” flour, and that she had never used flour before...😢

    During this COVID-19 crisis, we are experiencing a time when many of us are going back to the basics or maybe learning how to use the basics. We find ourselves with more time at home and maybe doing things we formerly hadn't had time for. Baking is great way to spend our time now! It helps use basic ingredients we have on hand, spend time in the kitchen with our families, and maybe teach our children some baking and math skills at the same time!

    I am not a great yeast bread baker, but I can make this amazing artisan bread!! It is practically foolproof and turns out PERFECT every time! You just need the 4 basic ingredients and the proper pans. You can experiment and add shredded cheese, or dried fruit, nuts, seeds or whole wheat flour. Excellent with butter, jam, honey, or as grilled cheese, bread pudding, croutons, and many other yummy things.

    Click here to see me teach you how to make bread in my video tutorial and let me know how your bread turns out!!

    Happy Baking!