Don't Let Your Home Be A Meal For Termites

    Don't Let Your Home Be A Meal For Termites

    Jan 26, 2021

    You Purchased A Home, Now What?...A very important part of the home buying process is having a home, termite and other inspections performed to ensure you know what you are purchasing. A termite inspection is very important as termites are wood destroying insects amongst others that can affect the structural integrity of your home. For some obtaining lender financing for your purchase, this termite clear certification will be a condition of your loan being issued. Remember, you are borrowing funds for your purchase, so the lender needs to ensure the structure is stable and free of anything compromising.

    Termites nest in warm, damp, dark areas that are sealed from the outside environment. These nests can be as far as 18-20 feet deep in the ground. This protects them from the colder temperatures above. As the weather warms, that is when they resurface and take action...on any wood surface including trees and especially homes, starting from the bottom and up.

    When you purchase a home there might be signs of a previous termite treatment performed. It is wise to obtain additional information from the seller regarding the treatment and any warranty that may be transferable to you. If there is no evidence of a treatment, you want to make sure that there is no activity. If not, you will be given a report saying so. This is good to keep for your records. If there is evidence you can request the seller have one done, again provide a 1 year warranty that you can renew. When showing a home I like to point out if a treatment is present. Some are skeptical, however I point out that the home is already being protected and we will follow up with the inspection.

    Time goes by so quickly after moving day and it is easy to be distracted about maintenance, when updating and decorating your home. However, it is advised that you regularly get a termite inspection to ensure the status of termite activity, whether there is a treatment or not. Your home could be the next meal for termites. In addition to termites, there are carpenter ants and also carpenter bees which usually bore perfectly shaped circular holes in the wood on the exterior of the home.

    Protect your investment and don't delay. Contact a qualified professional for a routine inspection. You can get this done on the anniversary of your home purchase as a reminder. For a minimal cost of an inspection at least every 2 years, you are actually saving yourself much more.