Five Seller Myths

    Five Seller Myths

    Sep 30, 2019

    Selling a home certainly has its challenges rules of engagement. But if you haven't sold a home within the last five to seven years, you're in for a surprise. Everything you though you knew about selling a home has changed.

    First, it's important to understand three changes that have altered the real estate sales landscape.

    Change 1: HGTV

    Buyers spend countless hours watching HGTV and have developed extremely refined tastes. They know what they want before looking at homes in person. Does YOUR home look like something on HGTV?

    Change 2: Mobile devices and HD internet connectivity

    Buyers no longer have to see homes in person to add or remove from their short list. Sellers today, have seven to ten seconds to sell their home, and those seconds are on a mobile device anywhere.

    Change 3: Internet Real Estate Sites, Zillow, Trulia and a host of others have populated the internet with user-friendly websites. They have completely removed the need for buyers to visit in person to determine if they like a home. This has not only revolutionized the way buyers search for and view prospective homes, they have transformed what they buy as well.

    5 Seller Myths

    1. I do not need to have the listing agent visit until my home is ready.

    Wrong. The sooner the agent can get in, the better. Your agent can guide in preparing your home for sale for today's market.

    2. I do not need to upgrade the property for sale.

    Remember, most buyers have been conditioned by HGTV and the internet as to what they want. The closer your home is to that move-in-ready, the higher the return. In an up-market, sellers can reap a $2 - $3 dollar return for every dollar spent! In a declining market, they may not get 100% back but they will get a sale.

    3. I need open houses to sell my home.

    The myth here is that buyers need to visit your home in person to decide whether they like it or not. In the new reality, they've already visited your home online. And even better, your home is technically "open" 24/7. Open houses simply make it easier for buyers who are already going to visit to actually get in.

    4. I need many open house signs at multiple key intersections.

    Wrong again. Savvy listing agents put out tons of signs because they are free advertising. Buyers who have seen the home online, don't need directional signs, they simply use their GPS on their mobile device!

    5. If buyers really want my house, they will pay more than market value.

    Buyers know when a property is overpriced and generally stay away, assuming the Seller is unrealistic. While pricing strategies vary from region to region, most agents know to recommend that sellers price listings close to market sales.

    For those who have not sold a home in recent years, the new rules can be a shock. Ironically, since most sellers are also looking to buy a replacement home, they're operating the same way as today's buyers.

    Let me guide you through the process.

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    Wendy Collier

    ERA Courtyard Real Estate