'Right, But How Do I Actually Buy A House?'

    'Right, But How Do I Actually Buy A House?'

    Mar 08, 2018

    What does the actual process of buying home a look like? Where do buyers begin the journey?

    So you are ready to buy a house? You've made the decision. You're tired of wasting money on rent, or your current home isn't big enough? Not small enough? There are many reasons why you've decided that it is the perfect time to purchase a new home. Now how do we actually make that happen? 

    There are several steps in the home buying process. The first should be to find a reliable, trusty-worthy, #Realtor like one of our members of The More With Miller Team. As licensed professionals, we are ready to walk through this process with you! 

    Here's a very brief breakdown of the process...

    1. Make the Decision to Purchase a New Home 

    2. Consult a Lender to Decide which Mortgage Works for You

    3. Let's go shopping; start by downloading our app here

    4. Find the "1" and Make an Offer

    5. Obtain a Mortgage

    6. Have the Home Inspected (Want to learn more about inspections? Click Here: Inspections Broken Down

    7. Close on the Home

    8. Move into YOUR New Home