What catches their eye?

    What catches their eye?

    Apr 26, 2018

    We wanted to investigate whether there were similarities between properties that were getting the most views on the Georgia MLS over the weekend. After scanning photography, curb appeal, price, age of the houses, and a few other factors we came to the conclusion that interior photography was the number one similarity between the top three most viewed homes in our area.

    The ages of the homes ranged from 1910 – 2016. Curb appeal was consistent among them but they varied so much in size and style that it was not considered. Interior photography and neatly staged rooms seemed the priority among them. It is not surprising due to so much of the marketing industry is based on visually transferred ideas. People want fast information that is easily understood.

    Not all real estate agents and home owners have the budgets to hire professional photographers but depending on the situation, some agents will split the cost with a homeowner. A pristine staged home can make up for what might lack in a non-professional photograph. Either way, use the following information for what best suits your situation.

    Wide angles!

    All the photographs for the top viewed properties had a nice wide angle photo of interior rooms. As long as the photo doesn’t get distorted, this is an excellent tool photographers use to capture the entire interior of the room.

    Below is an example of wide angle on a photo but it is not so extreme that anything is distorted.


    Below the wide angle begins to distort the mirror and the bathroom sink

    Prepare the room!

    Help your photographer or real estate agent out by removing any clutter such as paperwork, clothes and anything else. Think of your home being the model home for the next buyer! Next, turn on all the lights in the property. Lights help make rooms look inviting and warmer. It also fills in the darker areas often found in the corners. Plump up sofa cushions and straighten bed covers, curtains and blinds.

    Houz has great home designing ideas. Use it to formulate some ideas to stage for photography.

    Below is a poor example of staging. The lounge blocks the flow of the room.

    Although this is a much better option, a corner angle with the wide lens would capture the space and the fireplace.

    Drones and exterior photography

    Drones are on the rise for excellent aerial and exterior photography. It comes at a cost but many agents are finding it’s worth it.

    It takes a lot of skill to maneuver a $2,000, 4.4-pound machine with four spinning propeller blades, so some photographers are charging $300+ for exterior shots and video. In the Bulloch County area, we can expect around $200 for stills.

    Brian Balduf, CEO and co-founder of real estate photography company VHT Studios, made a statement for the online magazine MoneyWatch.  Balduf said, "In marketing real estate, you're trying to get people's attention and get them to spend more time looking at the property, drone photography and video is definitely unique and offers a cool, interesting perspective."

    Jaromir Kavan with the National Association of Realtors reflects, “This imagery is an incredible tool for potential homeowners moving to a different city, buying a second home, or trying to streamline the research process necessary to buy a new home.” 

    One of the biggest appeals of using drones in real estate right now is simply the buzz it brings to the listing. It can really set your home apart from others on the market.

    Below is a 3 bedroom 2 bath home. It is a well-maintained beautiful home with curb appeal.

    But wait! There's more! Now look from the drone photograph.


    AND It's on the water too!

    Although it is a recent technology, it will quickly become an industry standard. It could possibly have a negative impact on homes without the enhancement of drone technology.

    Until then, from our evaluation of the top viewed homes, the interior photography seems to take priority.

    Focus on what you have to work with and get those awesome photographs!


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