2017 ERA Justin Leadership Circle Achievers

    2017 ERA Justin Leadership Circle Achievers

    Jan 31, 2018

    We at ERA Justin Realty have the unique advantage of being able to celebrate our business successes daily in the most rewarding of ways; handing keys to brand new homeowners, hearing from a retiree who no longer has to shovel snow, because we helped sell a house in favor of a townhouse and in many other ways.

    Assisting our clients in achieving their dreams is the motivation behind our success. We do make a point to reflect on the previous year and set a vision for the next year. To that end, we’d like to share some of our successes with you through our Leadership Circle Achievers as a demonstration of the many ways that we enhance the value that we bring to you through Jennifer Sullivan, Lee Schilare, Kristen Davis, Danielle Sette, Joana Iliescu Rosemarie Zembryski, Julia Dagistanli, Ilene Harpuder, Fara Espandi, Carol D. Calamari, Michelle Korosy and Glenn Elliot.

    Growth and productivity were key goals for ERA Justin Realty in 2017. On the growth front we have our 'Meet and Greet' office in Hoboken, NJ. We are licensed in New Jersey and New York and we have coordinated a strategic alliance with a top NYC broker for our crossover clients. We also created new tools and systems, including a training program that is second to none, overseen by our management team which has helped attract new agent talent. We are very proud to have welcomed some very enthusiastic new agents to our company this past year.

    We at ERA Justin Realty Co. are passionate about developing strong leaders in our industry, helping agents use innovative ways of thinking with smart negotiations to create success for their clients. It’s about helping our communities achieve the vision that they’ve set forth for themselves. We are in tune to being ahead of the curve in our industry as we help shape the future of our local markets. We love when our clients dream big and we excel at creating strategies to help position our clients to achieve those dreams!

    We are excited to announce that once again, for the 17th consecutive year we are number one in closed Rutherford residential sales. And we are so pleased to acknowledge the very hard work of our extremely dedicated agents and staff. Within the company we continue to celebrate our Leadership Circle achievers who qualify each month based on a variety of criteria that exemplify our vision of talented and well rounded agents.

    We’re excited for 2018 and the opportunity to help our buyers and sellers dream big and achieve their real estate goals with our Leadership Circle achievers.