May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month ☀🏴🔅

    May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month ☀🏴🔅

    May 06, 2022


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    Get the facts about skin cancer, the most common cancer in the United States and worldwide.

    • 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70.
    • More than 2 people die of skin cancer in the U.S. every hour.
    • Having 5 or more sunburns doubles your risk for melanoma.
    • When detected early, the 5-year survival rate for melanoma is 99 percent.

    The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that you:

    • Seek the shade, especially between 10 AM and 4 PM.
    • Don’t get sunburned.
    • Avoid tanning, and never use UV tanning beds.
    • Cover up with clothing, including a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses.
    • Use a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day. For extended outdoor activity, use a water-resistant, broad- spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
    • Apply 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen to your entire body 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply every two hours or after swimming or excessive sweating. Find sunscreen by searching our Recommended Products.
    • Keep newborns out of the sun. Use sunscreen on babies over the age of six months.
    • Examine your skin head-to-toe every month.
    • See a dermatologist at least once a year for a professional skin exam.