Welcome To My Blog

    Welcome To My Blog

    Oct 30, 2019

    Well Hello There,

    First I want to thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! With being in Real Estate for almost ten years I figured it was about time for one. This is just going to be an introductory post, explain what I plan on sharing as well as a little about myself and ERA. Please let me know if there’s something you would like for me to post about, think I should change, or any ideas you may have.

    So, a little about me. I was born and mostly raised in Winchester, VA. I spent a few years of my childhood in Amish Country Pennsylvania before moving back to the area prior to my freshman year at Handley High School. Go Judges! I have so many memories, and still creating some in this beautiful area I am blessed to call home. My father was a local oral surgeon in the area and loved helping people, just as I do. A trait I am thankful he instilled in me at a young age. I attended dental assisting school and often worked with him during the summers or days off of school, then joined him full time between 2005-2009. In 2009 he unfortunately passed away due to cancer. After his passing and some time off I then began working for another doctor closer to D.C. The commute wasn’t the greatest, the doctor I worked for was wonderful, but it just wasn’t a good fit as it was hard for me with grieving the loss of my father, who was my best friend. I had a powwow with myself and needed to come up with a plan for my future. Something I would not only be able to support myself but enjoy as well. I decided to take a leap and do something I always dreamed of. I can remember being a child and my dad saying the lines from the little caboose “I think I can” He always said you’ll never know unless you try. I then signed up for classes to be come a Realtor. The classes were hard. Very hard. The tests even harder. Harder than anything I had ever done in my life. But guess what I passed! I thought the hard part was over. Haha, being a realtor is always challenging but that’s something I truly love about it. I then joined a local brokerage, had mentors, and at the time it wasn’t at all how I thought it would be. I was on the brink of throwing in the towel. Another fellow Realtor begged me to talk to her broker. I told her I felt it was a waste of time, that not only would I be wasting my time, but also the brokers and I didn’t feel that was right. I thought I had my mind made up. The broker then contacted me asking me to come in to talk. I agreed. Walking up the stairs to ERA OakCrest I had so many emotions, wanting to just not go, but knowing I needed to hear her out, and hey maybe the outcome would be good. It was more than good, Suzette, my broker then and currently is still, is beyond fantastic. She made me realize and still does that my dreams can come true in this profession. Fast forward almost ten years, I now have a family not only with ERA OakCrest, but ERA worldwide. Pretty great team of dedicated Realtors, Brokers, Admin, and all of the above to be a part of. I’ve done numerous deals, helped lots of people sell, buy and rent homes, helping them achieve the American dream. Guiding them during the biggest financial transaction they will likely ever make in their life. It’s incredibly rewarding and I am so thankful not only to my clients but everyone who makes it possible. Guiding clients through the process, taking stress away from them, making it fun and exciting is what I love most about being a Realtor. Giving them the keys to their new house, or seeing a seller sign off on the sale of their new house is about as close to feeling like Santa as I think Ill ever feel. Yes I believe in Santa!

    So now that you know a little about me personally I’d like to share my plans for this blog. I hope, we all know life gets in the way, and business can get SUPER busy sometimes, to share around 2-4 posts weekly. Possibly more as I get into the routine of doing them. You’ll get all kinds of information, some tips on buying or selling, market updates, local happenings, as well as some just fun stuff. Again if there is anything at all you’d like me to post about, or want information for yourself or someone you know please do not hesitate to reach out, you can call or text me at 540-336-5665, email RealtorJocelynSchultz@gmail.com. I look forward to blogging for y’all and hope the information I post is useful and fun for all my readers.