Check out Hot Springs!

    Check out Hot Springs!

    Jul 14, 2021

    If you’re looking for a quick getaway this summer look no further than our own Hot Springs.

    In the 1920s-30s, Hot Springs was a small city that attracted nefarious characters and international visitors for its mineral water, bathhouses, and illegal gambling. Today this booming city is still known for its mineral water, bathhouses, gambling, and horse racing, but visitors come for much more. The travel industry in Hot Springs is HOT with its trendy restaurants, boutique shopping, amusement parks, Ouachita Mountains, beautiful lakes, and the world’s shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade. These are just a few of the wonderful attractions in this fun city.

    The lakes of Hot Springs are, for me, the main attraction- a great place to make memories on a hot summer day!

    Lake Ouachita, Lake Catherine, and Lake Hamilton- each one has its own niche. Fishing and camping on Ouachita and Catherine but Hamilton well, Hamilton is just FUN.

    Today, Lake Hamilton is the “IN” place to be with beautiful lake homes, restaurants on the water, fast boats, and every cove is a party cove. No skiing for me, though; too many boats, but I will sit on the bow of the boat, get a tan, enjoy the scenery, and watch the fun in the cove. Then the sunsets; beautiful, gorgeous, and that peaceful feeling rolls over you. What a way to end a day.

    There is no shortage of restaurants in Hot Springs, but here are a few that the locals suggest:


    • Sam’s Pizza: try the wine and cheese dressing.
    • Fisherman’s Wharf: everything is good, but I like the grouper.
    • Bubba’s: different levels of FUN.

    Historic Downtown Dining

    • Rolando’s Restaurante: Mexican dining with a charming porch.
    • The Ohio Club: oldest “bar” in Arkansas, came from a single piece of mahogany from 1800s.
    • The Vault: for a special occasion-voted Best Romantic Restaurant in Hot Springs by Restaurant Guru 2020.

    Seasonal Celebs

    • J&S Italian Villa Restaurant and Bar: During the racing season you might spot a racehorse owner and/or jockey enjoying the cuisine.

    I am reminded that there are other activities to do besides boating and eating, but those two are so much fun.  Other wonderful attractions await you like Magic Springs, our own amusement and water park. If walking in beautiful, lush gardens with pristine views in the Ouachita Mountains excites you then Garvin Woodland Gardens is a must for you to visit. The whole family will enjoy this outing and it is accessible by boat. Watch for their seasonal decorations- they are spectacular. But what kid doesn’t want to go to the Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo? You just don’t see this everywhere and it is cool.

    One of the original reasons visitors came to Hot Springs was the horse racing, and I know that is still true today.

    The crowds, the beautiful horses, the thundering sound of the horses coming down the track just gets your adrenaline pumping and then if you win!! WHOO HOO!! It’s become a huge stimulus for the city of Hot Springs and the season starts earlier this year. The new Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort says it all. It has amped up its style and people have noticed.

    You can’t go to Hot Springs and NOT go down Bath House Row and look at the history that surrounds you.

    If the streets could talk, they might tell us more about celebrities and villainous characters that walked the streets of downtown. Babe Ruth came for the healing powers of the hot springs, as did many other Major League players. We know gangsters like Al Capone and his cronies were in Hot Springs and involved with illegal gambling, and other illegal activity. I must admit I find the gangster activity fascinating and can’t wait to visit the Gangster Museum that is located downtown. Yes, Hot Springs has a lot to offer the historians and museum goers. Ladies, Kevin Costner is in the planning stages of bringing a museum to downtown to highlight his movie career. I hope he brings some Yellowstone memorabilia.

    If you decide that Hot Springs is just the place for your vacation home or you want to relocate there, contact our ERA TEAM Real Estate office in Hot Springs and they will be happy to assist you.

    Find them at:  224 Cornerstone Blvd., Hot Springs, AR 71913. Office phone: 501-881-4256