MERGER?!?! What does that mean for you?

    MERGER?!?! What does that mean for you?

    Dec 07, 2017

    Well, it has been a whirlwind week here at ERA TEAM Real Estate! On Monday night, we had our annual ERA TEAM Christmas party (my first as an agent!) and a truly grand time was had by all. Good food, slightly forced Christmas carols, a wild game of Dirty Santa, and other typical Christmas party activities ensued. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until Mark and Tracy, the owners of the company, told everyone that they had an announcement for us that was to be held in the strictest of confidence, out of respect for everyone involved. All of the agents and our families realized that whatever this was, it was BIG.

    Indeed, it was positively monumental. Mark and Tracy had reached an agreement to buy Pam McDowell Properties, one of the top three real estate companies in Faulkner County (along with ERA TEAM). As of Wednesday, December 6th, 2017, all 27 agents, all listings, and all staff from Pam McDowell Properties is merging and officially becoming a part of ERA TEAM Real Estate. This has been a very exciting thing for all of us. The addition of so many new faces, plus the extra inventory, places ERA TEAM Real Estate in an extremely strong position in the Conway market. Considering that last year, we won the ERA Jim Jackson national award for customer service, this should be encouraging to the general public. 

    In the last week, especially the last 48 hours, the ERA TEAM office has been a buzzing hive of activity. New desks have been delivered for everybody, offices have been shuffled around to make room for the influx of new agents, and my goodness the TRAINING! Strong training is one of the strengths of ERA worldwide, and the former McDowell agents are learning that firsthand. They had scarcely entered the building and taken on a quick tour before the first training session started, introducing them to all the fantastic tools and resources that come along with being an ERA agent. There is no company and no franchise that better equips its agents to serve their customers' needs. 

    Which brings us nicely to the point of all this: what impact, exactly, does this massive shift in the Faulkner County Real Estate market have on the average consumer? Well, it means that two of the most reliable and trusted companies in Faulkner County are now one single entity. It means that when you work with ERA TEAM Real Estate, there is an even better chance that your transaction will be conducted entirely in-house, making a smoother process for everyone involved. If you are selling a house, it means that you now have twice as many agents actively searching to find the right buyer for you. If you are buying, it means that it will now be much easier for us to get extremely detailed information on more properties directly from the listing ERA TEAM agent. ERA TEAM and Pam McDowell are the most well-regarded companies in Conway, and that effect will now be multiplied. This merger allows us all to work together more efficiently to make the process as painless and stress-free as possible for the client. Get used to seeing those blue, white, and red reflective ERA TEAM Real Estate yard signs, because now there will be more of them than ever before! 

    For me personally, this has all been very exciting. I have been working for only seven months, and suddenly I get to experience one of those crazy things I used to learn about in Business Management 101 during my time at Ouachita Baptist! I can't wait to get a hold of the Pam McDowell agents (especially Pam herself) and pick their brains for more knowledge about the real estate business. I've been told that you never stop learning in this industry, and I certainly expect to pick up a lot from this event. Dad has enjoyed it as well, mentioning that it is certainly much less stressful and more entertaining when he is not personally involved in the process - since he has been on both the buying and the selling side of business acquisitions in the past. 

    We are still in the early stages of this merger, but all indications are that it will be an unqualified success. There is a sense of excitement around the office, and we should all be settled in to our new roles by the time the new year rolls around and the market starts to gain steam again. Brace yourself, because the Conway real estate market will never be the same!

    Thanks for reading!

    Will Henley, REALTOR

    ERA TEAM Real Estate