Give Your Deck a Facelift

    Give Your Deck a Facelift

    Apr 22, 2021

    Lucky for you, refreshing your deck this spring doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Try your hand at these makeover ideas below!

    Restore your decking

    Depending on the shape it’s in, sometimes all your deck needs is a little love. If it’s still fairly new, a deep cleaning and a new coat of sealant should do the trick. However, if it has a little more wear, the rejuvenation process may also include searching for larger repairs, tightening hardware, giving it a good power wash, and applying a stain, sealant, or fresh coat of paint.

    Add lighting

    Ambient lighting can completely transform your outside space into a relaxing, cozy oasis. Consider adding solar lights that don’t require a plugin or battery replacement. The lights turn on automatically when the sun sets, making your deck come alive. You can also consider paper lanterns, rope lights, mason jar lamps, or small twinkle lights, depending on the style and mood you’d like to set.

    Build a privacy screen

    Privacy screens come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. Consider bamboo fencing or lattice panels for a quick and easy solution. Or, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can build a wooden frame and grow climbing plants or vines, or even stretch outdoor fabric in between. Whichever route you end up choosing, make sure you get the most out of your efforts by evaluating all lines of sight before building.

    Finishing touches

    Last but not least, giving your outdoor furniture a good cleaning and adding a few potted plants or hanging baskets will really help pull your outdoor space together.