Park Circle Favorites

    Park Circle Favorites

    Jan 25, 2020

    When we bought a bungalow up here almost two years ago, it was to renovate and sell. Well, the house and neighborhood had other plans for us...

    More on the {renovation} topic in the future, but long story short Park Circle has become our home. We fell in love with this area and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. As we listed a beautiful townhouse this week in Mixson, a subdivision in Park Circle, Joel and I started chatting again about everything we love here. So here's our Top 10 list as of January 2020, in no particular order!

    1. The Food Scene- everything from the fresh avocado toast at Mixson to Pad Thai at Basil

    2. Events All Year- Food Truck Festival, Accent on Wine Wednesday Wine Tastings, Station Sip N' Shop, Rockabillaque, just to name a few

    3. Local Shopping- Roadside Blooms, The Station, Mixson Market, The Pink Crocodile, Ink Meets Paper. My go to for all gifts!

    4. Concerts at Riverfront Park- I don't know about you, but I love an outdoor concert on the water.

    5. Quarterman Park- We go for runs here a lot with our rescue pup Remington, she loves the geese and ducks. They don't know what to think about her.

    6. Christmas- As huge Christmas fanatics, we thoroughly appreciate all the lights, tree in the circle, parade, all of it.

    7. Sunday Dinners- A lot of our friends, that have become family, moved to Mixson or Park Circle. We've also met so many great people up here. We love getting together with everyone & walking to one of our houses for Sunday dinners.

    8. Breweries- We love exploring new beers, especially cool sours.

    9. Convenience to Everything- We still have easy access to all the other parts of Charleston we love in about 15/20 minutes.

    10. Active Lifestyle- We love that it's a community with people always walking, running and biking around. The Park Circle Disc Golf Course has players on it all the time. It's nice being able to walk out your door and not have to get in a car to do something.


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