5 Steps to Selling Your Home

    5 Steps to Selling Your Home

    May 13, 2020

    Making the decision to Sell your home is a huge decision.  As one of the largest investments in your life, selling your home is momentous - whatever the reason may be! Be sure to partner with a Realtor who knows your local neighborhood and is proficient in the selling process. Trust, open communication and competency are key indicators in finding that right Realtor.

    Your Realtor will then help you break down the process into 5 important steps:

    Getting your Home ready to sell

    If you’re looking to score the highest and best price in the fastest amount of time, make sure your home is picture perfect.  Literally! Consider photos the gateway to a great first impression. Think of the feeling you have when you enter a hotel. The decor is minimal, it’s clean and bright & de-cluttered. Take care of any issues you’ve had with the home and also remember that a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color goes a long way! Remove any personalized items so that a potential buyer can picture themselves in the home. Highlight the features that you love about the home because those will be the exact things a new Buyer will fall in love with as well.


    The next step is to work with your Realtor on a Listing Price.  Believe it or not, there is some skill that goes into it!  Don’t let those websites fool you into thinking that pricing a home is as simple as the push of a button. So many factors contribute into finding the right value including: Similar homes that have sold, current competition, condition of your home compared to the competition, lending/market conditions, location, and neighborhood features.  Only with the expertise of a Realtor can you find an accurate list price. Remember, you have a say in the list price of your home so be sure to share all the upgrades and positive features with your Realtor.


    This starts with great photos & virtual tours! Especially during this Covid & post-Covid times where the use of technology has skyrocketed - it is estimated that 95% of buyers start their search online. A great photo & video will go a long way!  After that, your Realtor will push your listing to as many viewers as they can by using Social Media, The MLS, print media and private showings. A strong marketing campaign that encompasses traditional methods like door knocking, open houses & postcards coupled with new social media trends will ensure you bring in as many potential buyers as possible.

    Remember you’re selling not only the physical home & features but also a lifestyle.  How will the home buyers feel when they live in your neighborhood? Be sure to tell a story that will draw people into more than just the house. Make them feel something!

    Negotiating & Documents

    The culmination of steps 1-3 is an offer!  That home buyer found your listing and it was ‘The One’ for them.  They made you an offer and now comes the negotiating. Through a series of negotiating, inspections and preparation of all the necessary legal documents your Realtor will ensure the proper transfer of title to the new buyer. The California Purchase Agreement will spell out the terms of the purchase and timelines both you and the Buyer must meet. There are inspections along the way, disclosures you will need to fill out and sign but rest assured, your Realtor will walk you through each and every step.



    You made it to the end!  On the date of close, your Realtor and other service providers will ensure that all conditions have been met and the new Buyer receives the keys. You pack up and say goodbye to your property and move on to your next adventure.