Choosing the Right Realtor for You

    Choosing the Right Realtor for You

    May 19, 2020

    By Victoria Aguilar

    Before you list your home or begin your home search, finding the right Realtor is key!

    In the past, the role of a Real Estate Professional was that of a ‘gatekeeper’ of information.  Sellers relied on their Realtor for everything from recent sales (comparables), to the list of other listings (current competition) all the way to the negotiating and signing of documents until the close. 

    Flash forward to today's market, and with the progression of the internet and technology, the role of a Realtor has evolved. A Seller now has access to more information than ever before. And it's because of these advances that the role of a Realtor has changed into less of a gatekeeper and more of a guide. Think of your Realtor as your partner along the journey.  They are there to help you filter through all the information and make decisions that work best for you. No longer is a Realtor the hub of communication - they are your advocate and partner - they are your voice and your best ally. 

    When choosing a Real Estate professional, you will first want to interview a few.  Ask your friends and family if they know a Realtor to refer to you. Chances are, they do! You’ll then want to have a list of questions for them that test their proficiency, depth of knowledge and even their personality.

    Have questions prepared that cover a variety of topics. For instance:

    Pricing Your Property

    Ask them how they will evaluate your home to find the best listing price. Remember, you have a lot of say in this process!

    Marketing & Advertising 

    Ask them how they plan to market your property. Have them give you a detailed plan that includes both traditional methods like flyers and open houses as well as online advertising and virtual tours and use of social media.


    Let your agent know your preferred method of communication. Your agent should work to fit your needs. After all, they are working for you!

    & Open Houses 

    Showings Ask your agent how often they will conduct open houses and work with them to come up with a schedule that allows for easy showings.


    Once an offer is received, ask your agent how they plan to handle that process. How skilled is your agent in Negotiating?

    Preparing Documents 

    Ask your agent about all the documents and disclosures required when selling a home. There are easy and virtual ways to sign and complete these mandatory documents and your agent should be able to explain each document in detail and provide them to you in the way you feel most comfortable - whether that’s on paper or digitally.


    Ask your agent how they plan to handle any last minute issues that may arise right before or after closing.  You want to make sure they stay with you even after closing to handle any post closing questions.

    Finally, be sure to evaluate their personality. Do you get along with them? Do they exhibit high emotional intelligence? Will they get flustered if a problem arises or will they handle issues with a sense of urgency and ease? Do you trust them to help you navigate this journey? Do you feel confident in their ability to do the best job for you?

    Remember, the journey doesn't have to be a difficult one, but it is a big one so make sure your Real Estate professional meets all your needs.