PHILIP ANGARONE REAL ESTATE-Redecorating on budget

    PHILIP ANGARONE REAL ESTATE-Redecorating on budget

    Nov 03, 2017

    Whether you’ve just moved, you’ve had a major life change, or you feel you just need to switch up your surroundings, eventually the time will come when you want to completely redecorate your home. And unfortunately, many people spend money they don’t have and go into debt to bring their redecorating ideas to life.

    But redecorating doesn’t have to be expensive! There’s plenty of ways to completely change the look of your home without completely wrecking your bank account.

    Here are five tips for redecorating on a budget that will have your home looking brand new without a host of brand new bills to pay:

    1. Get your paint on

    The fastest, easiest, and most wallet-friendly way to change the look and feel of your home is with a quick coat of paint. Painting takes less than a day and, if you tackle the project yourself, can cost less than $200 per room. And if you want to make things even more affordable, try an accent wall – it’ll have pack the same kind of visual impact and will only run you a quarter of the cost.

    Try a navy accent wall to add an on-trend touch to your living room. Paint the walls in your dining room a deep burgundy for a sophisticated feel. Bathe the walls of your children’s room in a soft yellow for a cheerful (and gender neutral) update.

    2. Update with textiles

    Sometimes all it takes to completely change your decor is some new textiles. Textiles can change the feel of a room without changing any of the key pieces, like furniture or wall decor.

    In the colder months, switch out your bedspread for a heavier down comforter, then toss a faux fur throw on the edge to give your bedroom a more winter feel. Switch out a dark, heavy area rug for a lighter floral pattern in the spring. Change the covers on your throw pillows to new patterns and colors to change the style of your living room.

    Switching out various textiles is a small (and affordable!) change that has a big design impact.

    3. Check out a garage or estate sale

    Buying new pieces for your home can quickly get pricey. So why not buy used pieces?

    Garage and Estate Sales are great places to find amazing furniture and decor for your home at a fraction of the cost. As the old saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and there’s no telling what kinds of great finds you’ll score at a secondhand sale.

    Check your local paper for garage and estate sale listings. You can also check websites like Craigslist and to check for any upcoming sales in your area.

    Once you’ve determined which sales you want to visit, get there as early as possible. Bargain hunters are always the first to arrive, and if there’s a great piece, you can bet it’ll be gone within minutes.

    4. Find DIY decor projects online

    Decor can really pull a room together, but buying decor to outfit every room of your home can quickly blow your entire redecorating budget.

    But instead of blowing your budget on new decor, why not do it yourself? Thanks to Pinterest, the internet is filled with millions of DIY decor projects to add a personalized and design-forward touch to your home – without breaking the bank.

    While some DIY projects are more complicated than others, there are plenty of projects out there suitable for everyone from beginners to expert crafters. If you’re new to the DIY game, start small, and as you successfully create beautiful DIY decor, you’ll gain the confidence to tackle the more complex projects.

    Try putting together these Rustic Picture Frames for the bedroom or this $5 Blanket Ladder perfect for a new baby’s room to kick off your DIY decorating adventure.

    5. Discover your own DIY projects

    Sometimes everything you need to spruce up the look of your home is already hiding in plain sight. Re-purposing the items you already have and displaying them in a new and unique way can be just the redecorating boost you need – no budget required.

    Look for ways to take what you already own and fashion them in a different way. So, for example, you can take those Mason Jars that have been hiding in a drawer in your kitchen, cover them with a coat of spray paint, and use them as a vase for flowers or a pencil-and-marker holder for your child’s playroom. Or if you have a collection that’s been collecting dust in a closet, take it out, dust it off, and display pieces in different arrangements around your home.

    The best – and cheapest – way to redecorate is using what you already have.

    Redecorating doesn’t have to leave you with an empty wallet. With these 5 tips, you’ll be well on your way to redecorating your home and saving your hard-earned cash in the process.