That Awkward Moment

    That Awkward Moment

    Dec 13, 2019

    ERA Donahoe Realty is one of the leading Real Estate Agencies in the Inland Empire that focuses on professionalism and client satisfaction, BUT listed below are some of the most awkward moments shared by some of our favorite agents in the field. Get the popcorn ready, I promise these stories will not disappoint!

    Apprehended awkwardness 

    Focusing on rules and regulations is always key in the game of real estate, well at least for our ERAD Agents... that awkward moment:

    “When the cops show up to arrest your client while you are sitting on the porch talking with them!”

    Suns out… well, you know the rest.

    It is not uncommon for Agents and Clients to form close a bond throughout the listing process, butttt (pun)...

    “When your clients are nudists and they invite you to their naked swim party with their friends.”


    *Ghostbusters Tune*

    If there’s somethin’ strange… in your vacant home… who you gonna call? Grattan Donahoe!

    “Showing a vacant home in Wine Country that was a barn owl that I needed to catch with a towel and release back into the Wild.”

    That’s the spirit!

    You know that saying, home is where your mom is? Well...

    “I did show a haunted house in which the owner’s mom was rumored to be buried in back somewhere. Needless to say I got the heck out of there.”

    Thorough to the bone

    No stone shall go unturned

    “When your client includes EVERYTHING on the Home Inspection for request for repair including a rubber sink stopper.”

    When is too early to give a noise complaint ticket?

    “When you are showing your police officer client a home and the neighbor is on a PA system rapping about the police for the entire neighborhood to hear.”

    We didn’t mean that kind of showing

    “When the seller schedules a showing for us to show up and see him naked coming out of the shower.”


    I mean, they can’t catch all of us. Right?

    "There is a haunted rental home that one of our agents leases every year or two that they won’t enter until another party is there to walk through the home with her."

    I’m too afraid to ask

    "When you tour a REO with clients and your 10 year old son, and walk by a human cage and water spigot built into the center of the 'living room.'"

    Ruff day

    No, they don't bite, I swear.

    "People with pitbulls in a vacant REO back in the day, opened the 'vacant' house door for me with two dogs right next to them, one almost bit me."

    We hope that you shared some laughs with us, and if you have an awkward moment to share, please comment down below!