Part Two: Did Somebody Say Wine Country?

    Part Two: Did Somebody Say Wine Country?

    Oct 21, 2019

    Temecula is known for having a lavish feel, on a reasonable budget, especially when planned ahead of time (yayyy!). Since Temecula is located in the heart of wine country, the wineries are a must! The great thing is that there are a variety of wineries to choose from. The most popular wineries within the area are Wilson Creek Winery, Miramonte Winery, and Callaway vineyard and Winery (yes, Callaway as in the golfing gear empire). Though, all the wineries located  within Temecula are amazing, regardless of where the bride tribe decides to go. Here is a list of fun things to do when getting ready to transform from Miss to Mrs.

    Pricing: As mentioned above, these wineries are a great way to kick off the Bachelorette weekend but it is important to keep in mind the budgeting aspect of the weekend’s events. So, the first thing to do is to log onto Groupon and check out the wine tasting deals for the scheduled weekend. It also doesn’t hurt to call the chosen winery to confirm the website deals, and who knows, maybe they can even work out a better deal with you if they are notified ahead of time! But seriously, Groupon is the answer to all things Wine Country, they have just about everything from hot air balloon rides, horseback riding in the vineyards, and VIP pricing on Spa days. As long as you budget ahead of time and make reservations, a Temecula weekend can be fun, cheap and easy!

    Places To Stay: Temecula not only offers its breathtaking countryside beauty as a reason to visit, but as an added bonus, it also has some pretty cool places to stay. Depending on the weekends activities, there are several wineries that double as hotels. But be aware that these places do have rather high rates, but hey, you only get one Bachelorette party right?

      Perhaps the most popular of the Temecula resorts is the South Coast Winery Resort and Spa. At South Coast they offer beautiful Villas and Suites fit for a bride-to-be. Most rooms are surrounded by a gorgeous view of the Temecula hills and endless vineyards. As a bonus, this resort has an in-house GrapeSeed Spa which offers the best massages and a stress-free feel to the Bachelorette weekend. Moreover, South Coast is also home to one of the most popular restaurants in the winery area. The Vineyard Rose Restaurant offers a delicious, fine dining experience with an intimate touch, which is perfect for connecting with the girls before an adventurous night out. Even if you decide not to stay at this resort, I highly recommend making dinner reservations at The Vineyard Rose because it is a Temecula experience that you and your bride tribe cannot miss out on.

    The Carter Estate Winery and Resort offers a secluded getaway perfect for a smaller, more intimate Bachelorette party. The Carter Estate is the sister resort to South Coast which offers private bungalows right in the heart of the vineyard! Often times this location offers free wine tastings and breakfast for two with a scheduled stay, so it is definitely something to look into when searching for cool places to stay within Temecula.

    Okay, this one is a little crazy but worth the mention, Wilson Creek Manor is perhaps one of the biggest locations to stay at when considering Wine Country as a whole. This location is the ultimate luxury accommodation which sleeps up to 24 people. It’s great if your bridal party includes more than the average number of people (ahem, the Grooms family), but it is definitely something fun to search, along with the other luxury resorts in Temecula.

    When in doubt, Airbnb it! Honestly, this may be the best option when searching for a beautiful place to stay on a budget. Simply just put in your price marker, number of guests, and desired dates and voilà, you’ll have the pick of luxury houses to choose from depending on your wants and needs. The great thing is that Temecula is central to most of its entertainment locations, nightlife and amazing restaurants, so no matter where you decide to stay in Temecula, you’ll just be a quick Uber ride away!

    Things to do: Okay we get it, there is wine in Temecula, but what else is there to do? Temecula is actually home to one of the best Casinos in the state. Pechanga Casino is a great place to test your luck before you hit the bar and in-house restaurants. Pechanga Casino is home to the popular restaurants: The Great Oak Steakhouse, Umi Sushi and Oyster Bar, Bamboo Pan-Asian cuisine, and not to mention their amazing buffet that offers lobster, steak and so much more! Moreover, Pechanga is also home to both a Salon and Spa, so it is something to explore when planning your party weekend!

    Bachelorette bar hopping is tradition when considering the nightlife in Temecula. Old Town Temecula is home to a plethora of bars and tasty restaurants in the city. The prices are perfect, and it’s a fun way to get a small city feel since Old Town Temecula is considered the watering hole for locals. So throw on your Bachelorette sash and get your drink on! But be sure you have your Uber set once you and your bride tribe are ready to leave, after all, safety never goes out of style! In short, why look anywhere else when planning the perfect Bachelorette party? Temecula really does have it all in one place, so get the party planning on, we would love to have you!