Five Fall Home Trends for 2019!

    Five Fall Home Trends for 2019!

    Oct 16, 2019

    With the Fall season approaching, it’s now time to break out the Fall treasures, and yes, this includes the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Temecula and its sister cities Murrieta, Winchester and Menifee, are known for their all inclusive communities, while still providing a small town feel. Old Town Temecula is a great place to see the historical roots of the city, while getting inspired for the Fall season. But not to worry, with a few subtle changes, you will be able to transform your home into an Autumn Wonderland while still being on a budget (yay!). Here is how you can do it with these 5 simple steps.

    1. Subtle reminders are key:

    French grain pillows make all the difference when transforming your home from Summer to Fall. Shops like HomeGoods and Marshalls are notorious for having decorative seasonal pillows, and the best part is, most of them are under $30! (whoop!) Blend these pillows with a warm or neutral color throw blanket, and voilà, your home is transformed into a Fall haven.

    2. A little goes a long way:

    Decorative trinkets are all the rage when considering a seasonal change. Little accent items like faux ferns, succulents, and gourds will bring character into your home. Also bigger items like vintage lanterns, vases filled with real wheat bundles and antique items, like a small coffee table or trunk, will bring out that rustic Temecula element into your home for the Autumn season. 

    3. The Dining Area:

    Did somebody say centerpieces? Autumn colored pumpkins, acorns and gourds really do bring your dining room to life. Fall colors like copper, white, orange, and yellow always provide a warm feel at home. Simply place these items in a center platter on your dining room table and you’ll have yourself a little Cornucopia!

    4. Outdoors:

    Okay we should never judge a book by its cover, but why stop the decorating on the inside? The outdoors offer a plethora of opportunities to create an Autumn Wonderland too! For starters, a fall wreath can really help bring some warmth into your home! There are some simple DIY steps you can do to make your own wreath (don’t worry, I’ll provide a link to it), or one can be purchased at local Burlington, HomeGoods, or Target! Welcome mats are also a fun way to get into the Fall spirit and greet your family and friends! Moreover, hangable trinkets like a framed seasonal sayings, small chalkboards and welcoming wooden signs provide an upbeat feel to the home, while still setting up the seasonal cheer! All of these simple ideas can transform your home as we head into the Autumn harvest season.

    5. Last but not least:

    Candles. I cannot stress enough the excitement of candle shopping! The great news is that the many stores listed above offer seasonal candles that help bring the smell of Autumn to life! Scents like warm vanilla (a popular classic), Autumn woods, Pumpkin Warmth and Black Cedar will make all the difference as a final touch to transforming your home. So go into the Autumn season with ease and comfort because ERA Donahoe Realty is here to provide you with fun ideas to bring your home to life this Fall season!


    ~ The Intern, Drea.