Defining #TeamERA

    Defining #TeamERA

    Sep 29, 2021

    What defines a team?

    team noun

    team | \ ˈtēm \

    : a group of people who work together

    What defines ERA?

    ERA company

    Culture,Community,& Connection

    "We are more than a brand... we are a network of people who care about each other and the communities we serve".

    What is the definition of #TeamERA?


    We are a global network of professionals who are there for each other and our communities. That's the power of teamwork.

    Everyone in our network is part of Team ERA. Fueled by our people and their connections to each other, the energy we create makes us more than a network – it makes us family.

    Whether you need help, advice, or want to share a laugh, the 36,000 people of team ERA are here for it.