Winterizing Those Chili Days!

    Winterizing Those Chili Days!

    Feb 17, 2021

    It seems that all we can think of is spring and summer unless you love the snow, hockey, Go Columbus Blue Jackets, or winter activities in the crisp, pure air with six more weeks of winter.

    The best way to soothe this feeling either for or against the fluffy white snow is to know what winter essentials are vital to keeping you and your home safe, healthy, warm, and yummy.

    Having a hot beverage warm on the couch means you have to be prepared and ready to keep snuggled up for the long haul.

    Being prepared can make the long winter bearable and enjoyable.

    1. Hot Water - Flavor your hot water. Hot Toddy, Earl Grey, Hot Cocoa, Green Tea, Coffee, Apple Cider, the list is long. Purchase your favorite and have your mug ready to fill.
    2. Too Much Water -The snow is pretty but making sure that your house is protected and winterizing on the outside is critical as well. How Snow and Ice Can Damage Your Home (& What to Do About It)
    3. Cold Water- Finally, never turn off the heat when you leave home during the winter. 55- 60 degrees is your best bet. Do not want to take our word for it. Ask Bob Villa!

    Although, water can be a pain in your home if you are not prepared. One of the best preparedness for a snow day is the smell and warming feeling of a chili simmering on the stove.

    From those who hail from Ohio or have one in your local market in Florida, this Cincinnati favorite, Skyline, has been a staple institution since 1949. One of the unique features of this hometown favorite is its use of chocolate in the recipe, leaving an embedded favor all its own. If you have leftover Valentine's Day chocolates, add them to the recipe below.

    The Best Kind of Preparedness for Chilly is Skyline Chili.

    Here is a take on the Cincinnati classic from a native. Authentic Cincinnati Chili

    We love our city's traditions. Want to come to share them with us. We are here to help.

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