Tips from the Best Remote Workers Around

    Tips from the Best Remote Workers Around

    Aug 27, 2020

    Tips from the Best Remote Workers Around:

    Real Estate Agents

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    Everyone is craving going back to the office. The place we have dreaded to attend, but after

    months of being remote, most workers are craving their old desk life. For agents, there tends

    to be great comfort in knowing they have an office to use should they desire.


    Working remotely can have its advantages. The location never matters. Here are three great

    tips from the real estate pros about working outside of the office.

    Three Tips for Working from Anywhere!

    1. Technology

    The internet is an integral part of any business, and you'll need it if you're going to market in the

    real estate world. Great advice, everyone who works remotely needs a good internet

    connection. When you are not available for interaction in person, use your favorite conferencing

    technology to see your clients' faces or to talk through the conflicts of the day with the team is

    more important than ever. It will take the stress out of texts and email communication while not

    in the office.

    2. Be Organized

    No matter where you are sitting, make sure you are organized. It can relieve the stress of

    working from the beach, your car, or even your dining room table. The best organizing tool on

    everyone's phone and the computer is the calendar. Scheduling your time and knowing when

    things can be moved to accommodate a new client, a new call, or time for extra work is a great

    way to take on last-minute requests. No one wants to look at the clock at 4pm, and ask

    themselves what did I do today?

    Bonus Tip:

    Do you have an appointment-based job? Apps like Calendly can help your customers sign up for

    open slots on your calendar without the back and forth emails.

    3. Bring Supplies and Plan Ahead


    How many times even from the comfort of your home, have you procrastinated on doing your

    next big task because you do not have the right pen, or the temperature of the room is not

    correct, someone interrupts you, or somehow you need a beverage refill. Being prepared is

    how remote workers get through the day. You might not understand why there is a wine opener

    in their work bag or why they carry granola bars or why they have a charger for every phone,

    but they are ready for anything.

    If it is taking a call for a client in your car or back to back meetings while you are at the beach,

    these three tips are the key to success. Being able to provide the best service to your client no

    matter what the location, so in turn, they can have the keys to their new dream home is how

    realtors have been doing it for years.

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    Working on the Run!

    Introducing Our Featured Agent Jackie Fleming :

    This rookie turned all-star real estate agent is on the move between her beautiful horse farm

    and the real estate office over an hour away; but never misses a beat when it comes to finding

    your next dream home.

    Jackie has lived in Columbus for over 37 years. She attended college for business with a change

    of plans to become an International Horse Trainer. Her passion for horses, specifically Dressage

    training and have achieved her USDF Gold Medal, as well as helped many of her clients achieve

    their goals in riding. She loves helping people find their dream horses, so why not help them find

    their dream house. She specializes in rural areas due to her experience with horses but loves

    finding your inner bungalow in the city as well.

    If you need help with your Columbus or surrounding area house search, contact

    Jackie her for your needs.

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