How Not to Jinx Your Move!

    How Not to Jinx Your Move!

    Sep 10, 2021

    Did You Know? 

    It is good luck to find a cat at a wedding. But ironically, on a baseball field, it can depend on what team if it is a jinx or a blessing. New York Yankees went 16-3 after a cat got onto the field on August 3rd but the Baltimore Orioles went on 16 games losing streak after the loss and cat sighting.

    The mythology of black cats started with Hera on Mount Olympus.  A servant named Galinthias had a falling out with Hera about Hercules's upcoming birth, which led Hera to turn her servant into a black cat.  Galinthias later becomes the assistant to Hecate, who is the Goddess of Witchcraft and death. Black or not, cats are shrouded with mystical lure and superstition. However, here are some feline myths debunked.

    Nine Myths about our Feline Friend!

    1.     Black Cats are bad luck

    Superstition only or depends on where you live.

    2.     Cats Hate Water

    Depends on the cat. But most cats do not want to be submerged underwater.

    3.     Cats always land on their feet

    More often than not, cats will land on their feet when they fall from a height because they have a 'righting reflex,' whereby they're able to twist around very quickly in the air when falling.

    4.     Cats only eat as much as they need.

    A cat's drive to hunt is permanently turned on, so things that make them think and induce their play and predatory behavior are good.

    5.     Pregnant women should get rid of their cats.

    A pregnant person should try to avoid changing a cat's litter box. Instead, give that responsibility to someone else because toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by a common parasite that can be transmitted through exposure to infected cat feces.

    6.     Cats can see perfectly in total darkness.

    Nope, cats can only see in the dark if they have the slightest bit of light.

    7.     Can Your Cats Have Milk?

    Many cats get diarrhea from milk, and too much milk can quickly add to an obesity problem. Their milk is better than cow milk.

    8.     Can cats lose their balance without their whiskers?

    No, Cats use their whiskers as "feelers," but not to maintain balance.

    9.     Cats Have Nine Lives

    No, they have one life.

    With over 94 Million cats as pets in the United States, our feline companion seems to move during their lifetime, so we thought we would leave you with a guide to keeping yourself, your cats, and your family safe during the move.

    Bonus: Tips for moving with your cat(s).