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    How Not to Jinx Your Move!

    Did You Know? It is good luck to find a cat at a wedding. But ironically, on a baseball field, it can depend on what team if it is a jinx or a blessing. New York Yankees went 16-3 after a cat got onto the field on August 3rd but the Baltimore Orioles went on 16 games losing streak after the loss and cat sighting. The mythology of black cats started with Hera on Mount Olympus.  A servant named Galinthias had a falling out with Hera about Hercules's upcoming birth, which led He...
    Sep 10, 2021 Selling Your Home

    Homework for Buying a House

    As the school year begins for college to elementary, we remember that planning for the first day of school takes preparation.  Purchasing a house is a considerable expense and decision for most. Researching homes is the start of the homework, but asking the right questions of those involved can make all the difference.  From the final offer to the neighbors, doing your homework on your dream home purchase is not only about the house wish list.Three Things You Need to Know!1. ...
    Aug 19, 2021 Buying Your Home

    Our Love for Celebrity Homes; Cribs is Back!

    Back to the Old School Cribs, Our Love for Celebrity HomesWith Cribs coming back to MTV next week, reestablishing our love for our stars and their crazy homes have come back to us from the good old 90s. Were you a fan of this MTV craze? If you think about your favorite homes from MTV or HGTV, how do you categorize the top houses? Millionaires, actors, and sport athletes' homes infuse their passion and need to make their houses into their homes. What makes a celebrit...
    Aug 06, 2021 Our Communities

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