Curb Appeal!

    Curb Appeal!

    Feb 09, 2018

    You’ve painted, upgraded, cleaned, and purged!

    The interior of your house looks fabulous!

    The buyers will walk in and be astounded. But what about when they pull up in front of your house? Do they have to walk through dirt to get to the front door? Avoid some ant beds and maybe a barking dog? Is there paint peeling on the front porch or hand rails?

    Let’s face it – this is the “first impression” meeting. 

    According to the National Association of Realtors, 63 percent of homebuyers will swing by after viewing a home they found online. Another survey done by the NAR in 2017 found that 46% of non-home owners are age 34 and under 28% of those surveyed are renting. These are the people looking for, possibly, their first home!

    What makes sense?

    Get real about big ticket items. What is the age of your roof and does it need any repairs? Buyers will make decisions based on this expense before they walk through the door. Consider it carefully. Will you be able to raise the price of your home by investing in these items or does it make more sense to keep your sale price low?


    Peeling exterior paint? Hopefully this is just a front porch or handrail. Just like interior, an exterior new coat of paint can add life to your home!

     If your house is brick or siding a good pressure washing should do the job. Otherwise inspect for peeling paint and consider and exterior paint job. Hopefully just the front porch or hand railings need new life. 


    There are some inexpensive ways to dress up your front yard and it doesn’t have to be a complete landscape overhaul! Depending on your budget, fresh cut grass and a good edging will make the first difference. Fresh, new sod is a good option as well.

    Why invest money into permanent plantings? Use large planters for decorative porch plants.

    Purchase a new welcome mat, preferably one that is consistent to the exterior color scheme. 

    Dress up the front door. A paint job and a new front door handle set changes the entrance. Also consider coordinating house numbers to match the finish of the door handles.

    Porch lighting can be softened and more inviting by changing out a cover and color of the bulb. If you have interested buyers, they may be cruising by your house in the evening. 

    Remember, you're going for a “Welcome to YOUR new home” feel!