Five "Firsts" before selling your home!

    Five "Firsts" before selling your home!

    Dec 14, 2017

    So you are ready to sell your house?

    Well…..maybe not ready but something has changed in your life and you MUST sell your house. You gaze around the rooms you have inhabited for a few years now….or maybe more than you realized…and it looks comfortable and normal to you. Look again.

    Are there some toys piled up in the corner? How many “knick knacs” can truly fit on that side table? Do you really need a gazillion back issues of Better Homes and Gardens and Popular Science in the basket behind the couch? Oh, and the mint condition Star Trek collection that your child cannot appreciate displayed in the curio cabinet?

    First things first - start packing!

    You’ve got to get “show” ready! By no means are these suggestions to get rid of your keepsakes and treasures, just be aware that potential buyers are not interested in them. Consider this; you’re going to have to pack them anyway when you sell!

    Anytime is a good time to contact your ERA Hirsch Real Estate agent for consultation, but these are the five things you can do to begin the process of staging your home for showing:

    1)     De-clutter

    Start getting boxes and bubble wrap. Go ahead and pack anything that you don’t use on a day to day basis. Think “clear surfaces!” The less you have on shelves, tables, and dressers the more buyers can see your home.  Before you can paint or update anything in your home you will need to safely pack these things anyway - let's go ahead and get it done! Hopefully you have storage room in your attic or garage. If not, you may want to consider a storage unit rental. If that is not an option, storing as much as you can neatly in boxes in a closet is better than clutter.

    2)     Update

    A fresh coat of paint does wonders for a home. If you are unable to do any other upgrades except this, it will help. Keep the colors neutral and light. Find a theme for the entire house and keep wall decor at a minimum. Avoid style or colors that are “taste specific”. Keep thinking “NEUTRAL”!

    3)     No uncompleted projects!

    Guys are wonderful at getting all the new, interior doors hung…..but where are all the knobs? Finish the jobs. Potential buyers usually want move in ready. People that are looking for a "fixer-upper" are expecting major reductions in sales price.

    4)     Furniture layout

    Justify the space in each room. When entering a room there should be a balance of visibility. The floor and walls should be balanced visually. For instance, the family room furniture should not all be backed to the walls with a wide space in the middle. Keep a flow of space around couches and coffee tables. Too much furniture – have a garage sale!

    5)     Update

    Was your house built in 1980 and not much has been done since? Hint – Let go of the  wood paneling and dark baseboards! Unless you are selling your log cabin in the mountains, you may want to brighten things up. New fixtures and toilets are not a huge expense and can transform a bathroom.  If you’re not ready to install counter tops in the kitchen, consider updating the sink and facet.

    Now is the time to purge. Consider a garage sale or donating items. Pack away things that are dear to you, remember, it is temporary. Star Trek will be back on display when you settle into your new home. 

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