Summer Market

    Summer Market

    Jul 17, 2018

    Around Georgia

    Although the market for single-family home sales spike fairly regular in the month of June, this summer has been the highest over the last two years with 10,498 total sales for Georgia. (© 2018 Georgia Multiple Listing Service). 

    Data retrieved from © 2018 Georgia Multiple Listing Service

    Bulloch County usually has it’s own market trend due to our rural area and the unique cities and towns within it. There is a mix of a strong farming community, higher education, and distribution industry, throughout.

    The listings that have sold in the month of June averaged only 83 days on the market with an average sale price of $185,741. Chatham County has a similar days on the market timeline, however the average sale price is higher at $241,087. Waterfront and Downtown Savannah properties are going to inflate the sale prices creating it's own unique trends.

    With these data points, sellers in our area should be positive about their house moving from “active” to “under contract” around or less than 3 months. Especially if the market price is lower than the $180’s. Last year at this time the market dipped but gained traction again in August meaning most homes went under contract in July. 

    Bulloch County Courthouse: Image retrieved from…

    Our recent blogs have been a series focused on selling your home and suggestions homeowners can take into consideration when listing their home.

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    What catches their eye?

    Although the market trends tell us Spring is the time to list and Summer is when it closes, the best time to sell is when you are ready! There is no need to create more unnecessary stress by rushing into listing your home when it is not ready.  Of course, finances and timelines may determine a listing date, however, don’t be deterred by what market trends demonstrate.

    Every area is different and depending on the qualities of your home, your unique buyer will find it!