Returning to Work? Keep the Home Office

    Returning to Work? Keep the Home Office

    Oct 05, 2021

    After more than a year of remote work, many people are returning to their original, physical offices. What does this mean for their makeshift home offices? 


    Kristen Davis, a Realtor Associate at ERA Justin Realty, says, “Don’t remodel just yet. Or at least, remodel to optimize the home office.” 


    According to a recent Forbes article, the future of work will be dominated by remote and hybrid models. Zoom declares that “Hybrid work is now and for the future.” 


    The implications for real estate follow. 


    According to the Zoom survey, younger people who traditionally wanted to live in the city, nearer their jobs, didn’t require (or couldn’t afford) as much living space. They design their lives around going out and taking advantage of their city’s social and cultural life. When the pandemic came along, many of these young professionals were stuck in their apartments, working on Zoom (or other media), without so much as a chance to change the scenery by plugging in at a local coffee shop. There were fewer outside-the-home options during lockdown and even some wariness as the world returns to a new normal. 


    Remote work has created a push to get out of the cities. There was a surge in moving out into the suburbs and even outer exurbs. Relocators could look past the immediate commuter-friendly towns close to a city or work hub because they would not be going into their offices, at least not every day. 


    More space was sought on all levels, which created opportunities for those previously priced out of urban or traditional commuter markets. And for those who are permanently remote, new real estate markets mean the ability to purchase a starter home or have more space anywhere!


    “No longer tethered to a commute to a central office, homeowners are moving where they want to go. As a result, residential real estate has seen a surge,” says Kristen. “Owners are seeking multi-functional space for home, work and play. They need that work station for themselves and even their kids.”

    If you’re looking for better space for your new needs, please contact Kristen or any of our professional real estate agents at ERA Justin Realty 201-939-7500.