Changes to How Real Estate Is Being Conducted

    Changes to How Real Estate Is Being Conducted

    Apr 03, 2020


    Changes to How Real Estate Is Being Conducted These Days

    Many industries are being hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. Real estate is one of them. ERA Justin Realty is focused on the safety of its agents, other agents, clients, and the community. We will continue to work hard to help you stay informed and answer any real estate questions you have. So, you may ask, are real estate companies conducting business nowadays? Should I list my house for sale during this pandemic? Should I look to buy a home at this time? The answer is yes, yes, and YES! 

    Should I Put My House Up For Sale?

    The market has continued to stay quite active, and we do still believe this is a good time to sell, as we anticipate lower inventory, and swifter decisions from the serious Buyers that are currently in the market. 

    Jennifer Darby Metzger, Broker for ERA Justin Realty states, “If you are considering putting your house on the market, you should do it now. It will allow the process to get started while you get your house in order to show. Likewise, don't take your property off the market. Now more than ever, people have time to look for homes. Fewer distractions while they are stuck at home. There is a lot of online looking right now. If you have a good house that is priced well, it will sell.”

    Our ERA Justin Agents are fully equipped to handle all showings and open houses virtually. Should a buyer want to move forward with the purchase of your home, we have the ability to move the transaction along online through e-Signing capabilities of all legally required documentation.

    Should I Actively Look For Homes At This Time?

    Many people who are considering buying now may be swayed by other benefits of homeownership: control and certainty. Mortgage rates are still historically low. You can get a stable monthly housing payment and may never have to refinance. You’ll have the comfort of knowing the place is yours as long as you make that payment.

    Closing The Deal

    We are closely monitoring industry news and any changes that would affect the housing process. As such, last week, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced they are allowing temporary flexibilities to their requirements including verbal employment verification and exterior-only inspection appraisals or desktop appraisals.