Jul 10, 2019


    Losing money is never a good thing. You want your home to be comfortable, but you certainly don't want it to cost you more than is necessary. Energy efficiency is both good for the environment and for your bank account. A quick look around your property can help you save when it comes to energy efficiency issues.

    Michael Anderson, ERA Justin Realtor agent offers these tips to South Bergenite readers. “Older homes that haven't been updated can often create energy issues, but they don't have. Newer homes may suffer less from energy issues, but every home needs to be inspected from time to time. First, look for the obvious problems, such as cracked windows, a storm door that is not closing properly, or even a split in the foundation. Warm (or cool) air can seep through, costing you valuable money. Try holding your hand over door and window frames to see if the air is coming through. On windy days, place a piece of tissue paper next to these openings. If the tissue moves, you've got a problem. It may be time to take action. The good news is that you have very little to lose and a lot to gain. Try adding caulk around your door and window frames and along basement walls. There are inexpensive 'sweepers' you can place at the bottom of your door to help keep out drafts. Weatherstripping is usually easy to install and is quite effective in sealing up small areas where air leaks through. Be sure to replace any broken panes. A newer and better sealing storm door might also be an option.

    In the winter, a rug or 'draft stopper' can be placed by the door to block heat from escaping. Let the sunlight work for you by opening drapes when the sun is out and closing them later in the evening. In fact, the fabric is a terrific way to keep a room warm.

    Adjusting the thermostat only a few degrees can make a tremendous difference in that energy bill. If it feels a little cooler than you would like in the winter, put on a sweater. As long as everyone in the house is healthy, it shouldn't make any difference, except to your bank account. In the summer, ceiling fans can circulate the air, making your home feel cooler without costing so much. Even in the winter, you can reverse the blades on the ceiling fan and it will move the warm air around, making the room seem warmer without turning up the thermostat.”

    Michael concluded, "All across the nation, the most sought award that can be achieved in business is the ‘J.D. Power & Associates’ award. Only outstanding business entities are honored and receive it. ERA Real Estate was the recipient of ‘Highest Satisfaction for First Time Home Buyers Among Full-Service Real Estate Firms’ Also awarded ‘Highest Satisfaction for First Time Home Sellers.’ For these reasons ERA Justin Realty should be your buying and selling Realtor of choice."

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