Dec 10, 2020


    December 21 is the first day of winter.  “According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we’re in for a snowy winter in the Northeast, with the possibility of a blizzard hitting sometime in early February,” says Glenn Elliot, a sales associate with ERA Justin Realty.  With colder temperatures in the forecast, here are some easy tips to lower your heating bills and save money this winter season.


    Use a programmable thermostat and use a lower setting. You will save up to 3 percent on your heating bill per degree lowered over a 24 hour period (or about 1 percent per 8 hours). A programmable thermostat can make this regulation easier and help you save 10-20% on your energy bill year round. Glenn suggests, “Program your heater to come on right before you wake up, cool down when you leave for work, warm up when you return from work, and go down again right before you go to bed. If you’re working from home, lowering your thermostat even one degree makes a difference.”


    Change air filters monthly. Clean air filters permit a better flow of air through your heating system, allowing hot air to more easily flow through the vents and into your rooms. You also reduce the strain on your furnace, which can extend its life. 


    Seal the leaks in your house. If you seal most of these leaks, you can save between 10-20% on your heating bill this winter. “Seal gaps around any pipes, wires, vents or other openings with caulk or weather stripping,” Glenn recommends. 


    Add insulation to your house. Insulation helps keep the hot air in and the cold air out. This can not only save you money, but it can also be a tax-deductible home improvement which will give you an even better return for your investment!


    Use a humidifier. Humidifiers can reduce your heating costs because moist air retains heat better than dry air. There are other benefits to using a humidifier as well -- they reduce static electricity, ease dry skin, and make it easier to breathe. 


    Most of these improvements are inexpensive and easy enough for just about anyone to do. But some are best handled by a professional.   Contact Glenn or any of the other experienced agents at ERA Justin Realty at 201.939.7500 to refer you to the trusted home maintenance and repair vendors in your area.