Summer Home Improvement Projects

    Summer Home Improvement Projects

    Jun 11, 2021

    Summer is the perfect time to get outside and take care of home improvement projects you’ve been putting off all winter. “Exterior home improvements will add both beauty and value to your property,” says Jennifer Zenquis, a sales associate with ERA Justin Realty Co. “Take advantage of the warm weather to complete some large-scale projects such as these.”


    Restain Your Deck

    Stripping and restaining your deck is probably a job you can handle on your own, and it will definitely enhance your home’s beauty. “If you’ve got kids home from school, this is a perfect project to get them to help out on,” suggests Jen.


    Replace Your Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl siding is the most popular home covering material in the country. Summer is a great time to replace your home’s siding, but it’s definitely a job best left to the pros. Siding must be measured, cut and installed perfectly to ensure it doesn’t allow any moisture to make its way underneath the vinyl. You also want to avoid the rippling and waves you see on poorly installed vinyl siding.


    Install an Outdoor Kitchen

    If you’re feeling especially ambitious — and you love the outdoors — consider taking your kitchen outside. If your budget is more modest, consider a premade outdoor grill island. “If you’re handy with tools, consider building an outdoor bar or seating area with stools,” suggests Jen. “Take advantage of the warm weather and have drinks and meals outside.” 


    Replace Your Windows

    Summer is the ideal time to replace old, inefficient windows. “Not only do they enhance curb appeal, they can pay off big the following winter and help keep your heating bills low,” says Jen. “They also increase the value of your home.” According to a CNBC report, a $10,000 investment in new windows bumped up the asking price on a home by $8,500. That’s an 85 percent return on investment, not to mention money saved on utility bills over the lifetime of your home.


    Bump Up Your Landscaping

    Of all summer home improvement projects you can DIY, landscaping is probably the easiest. “Look at your neighbor’s yards for inspiration, or even Pinterest,” advises Jen. “Many projects can be done at very low cost. Even a few basic beds with some new mulch and shrubs will make your home look polished and neat.” 


    Ready to tackle a home improvement project? Contact Jen or any of the other experienced agents at ERA Justin Realty at 201.939.7500 to refer you to the trusted home maintenance and repair vendors in your area.