ERA Justin's Cliff Boan Reviews Home Inspections

    ERA Justin's Cliff Boan Reviews Home Inspections

    Nov 15, 2017

    “Home sellers increasingly are ordering pre-sale home inspections to make reports available for buyers to review before they make an offer. By doing so, they hope to avoid renegotiations that can occur if the buyer's inspections reveal defects that weren't disclosed to them before they made an offer,” according to writer Dian Hymer, stated ERA Justin Realty consultant, Cliff Boan.

     Ask your real estate agent for an inspector's opinion. If some of your agent's past clients used the inspector, call the inspector and inquire.

    Cliff added, "Home inspections often recommend further inspections by other professionals, such as roofers, plumbers, electricians, contractors or engineers. Few sellers complete all recommended further inspections before they market their homes. It's hard to tell from a written report whether a further inspector recommendation is in response to something questionable that the inspector discovered, or whether it's simply an inspectors precaution of a possible future issue.

    Before you rely on a report, have a conversation with the inspector to find out if there are issues of serious concern that need further investigation. In competitive markets, where overbidding is the norm, many buyers choose to rely on the sellers reports and forego an inspection contingency. This may not be risky if the sellers have provided current and complete reports from reputable inspectors and the buyers have a wealth of home owning experience. Experienced homeowners have an advantage because they can often assess how much it will cost to repair defects even if the sellers don't provide estimates. Buyers who don't fall into this category should include an inspection contingency in their offer."

    “There is a difference in real estate companies. We ask Buyers and Sellers to compare, and believe that in order to exceed expectations of what ERA Justin Realty is about, we don’t offer just real estate basics, we try to be as comprehensive as possible. In that way, we know that our Buyers and Sellers will hold us all in the highest regard,” he concluded.


    ERA Justin Realty has received the prestigious ERA world-wide ‘Commitment to Excellence Award’. All across the nation, the most sought award that can be achieved in business is the ‘J.D. Power & Associates’ awardERA Real Estate was the recipient of ‘Highest Satisfaction for First Time Home Buyers Among Full Service Real Estate Firms.’ Award. For these reasons ERA Justin Realty should be your buying and selling Realtor of choice.