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    For the majority of people the purchase or sale of a home is their largest single investment. Our goal is to guide you successfully and easily through the contractual, investment and emotional decisions involved in the Real Estate process. We are committed to providing you and your friends with superior service and expertise and to make it the most memorable purchase of your life. Call 978-658-8288

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    Linda was fantastic to work with and very organized in selling/buying our new home! In our initial meeting she set goals and deadlines for my husband for and I that were very helpful for us to have a clear outlined plan. Our home was sold in one weekend and we had an offer excepted on another that same weekend. She was working hard behind the scenes making sure every aspect of our selling/closing went flawlessly. Thank you, Linda!
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    Linda is easily the best realtor to have, especially if you have a family and want to be taken care of every step of the way. We've now used Linda to sell a house and to buy a house and in both transactions she went above and beyond, to make it as painless as possible to us. She voiced her reservations clearly to us and let us know everything that was happening and why at each step. Linda's communication is unparalleled and she will do everything in her power to make sure her clients get the house they love, at the best deal possible, all the while fighting for them every step of the way. I cannot easily express how great Linda is at her job within a review but always send friends and family her way if they ever ask for a realtor.
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    I have worked with Linda twice in the last 2 and a 1/2 years the 1st time was with our rental looking for a place to rent in Wilmington mass. The 2nd time to finally buy our house. Linda always had the answers to the questions and was very fast and knowledgeable about purchasing a home and all the requirements. She helped us throughout all the offers in this crazy housing market. We never gave up and she never gave up and she gave it over a 110% Such an excellent realtor as a person very knowledgeable with a lot of experience I would highly recommend her!
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    Being a first time home buyer there are a lot of unknowns. What to look for, where to look, what the steps of the process are... but with Linda, everything was easy. She was always on top of new properties, following up with immediately, and even showing up to open houses early to save our place in line. I highly recommend working with Linda at Era Key Realty.
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    From beginning to end, Linda did an amazing job helping us navigate probably the most difficult housing market in some time. She met with us prior to us looking to get our wants and needs, and then set up a search for us. She was very knowledgeable about the market, attentive to detail and fast to respond to any and all questions we had. Once we started investigating homes, she was straight forward and honest in terms of what we would need to offer, and what may happen next. This had been a frustrating process seeing so many properties get snatched up a few days after they came on the market, and having a few that we liked get away from us, but Linda was professional and dedicated to help us understand our limits and when to let one go in search of the perfect house for us. This was actually one of the things I liked about her best. She was trustworthy and "there for us" in a time where it's completely chaotic in the housing industry, with very high bids, crazy open house lines, and so much that is not the 'norm'. We needed someone like her to help ground us and keep us positive and informed. Once we found it, she held our hand throughout the whole home-buying process and was there to help move things along with the financing, legal, and closing deadlines. My wife and I would recommend her services to any and all looking to buy or sell a home. Thank you so much for helping us through this process!!! - Kevin & Tish Gentile
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    4 words: LINDA GETS IT DONE! I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Linda when I decided to buy my first home, especially during a crazy pandemic market. I gave her a list of everything I needed, plus the few things I wanted/hoped for and she found me a listing THAT DAY that had everything on the list. We toured it, she counseled me on making an offer, remained in close contact with the sellers' agent, and we got it! I say "we" because Linda is a team player through and through and will always work in your best interest...she is THERE for you, night and day, thick and thin. She was with me every step of the way from listing through close and answered all of my MANY questions quickly and thoughtfully. She never let me make a wrong move and made sure I was getting everything I needed fairly and thoroughly. She worked with the sellers' agent, my broker, and my realtor to be sure all involved parties had everything necessary in order to close on time. She will go to bat for you and make sure no one is lagging behind or missing information. People say buying a house is one of the top 3 most stressful events in life. I can honestly say that because of Linda, I had very little stress from start to finish and never had to worry about anything because she had it handled. I can't imagine what buying a home would have been like without her. I STRONGLY recommend that you choose Linda as your realtor ASAP. You will not regret it, and you'll be enjoying time in your new home before you know it!
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    I am first time buyer and naïve to market. Her experience and thoughtfulness has helped me a lot throughout the process. The way she explains the process and technicality involved is commendable . She is such a meticulous person that sometime she figured out the issue well before we could point out not only that she has resolution to that as well . I would highly recommend her for all first time buyer as she is very well aware about the process and has very long experience in real-estate market , which any new buyer can benefit from. She is soft spoken at the same time she is firm on what need to be taken care. She never forced me for any property which she feels doesn't suits my requirement, even though we got frustrated after many rejection. Overall, she is the agent that everyone looks for.
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    We were looking for relocation due to work. We submitted our offer past the deadline and were very worried, but Linda was able to get our offer accepted! Her explanations were very clear and she guided us through each step of the process in a straightfoward and easy-to-understand manner. We are very satisfied with Linda's service and would recommend her to future buyers!
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    I met Linda at a showing of my new condo, which was listed on her site. Linda is a model Realtor - she communicates at lightning speed! She is always straightforward and available for your questions/needs- even after the sale! She is experienced, knowledgeable and will guide you with ease and humor as the buying process evolves. You would love her as a neighbor and will treasure her as your Realtor.
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    We met Linda by chance at an open house and are SO thankful we did. As first time home buyers we really relied on Linda's knowledge of the local area and her great attention to detail when walking through properties. She provided insights or pointed out things to be mindful of while walking through properties that we wouldn't even think or have known to ask. Every step of the way Linda helped guide us with our best interests in mind. We could not have asked for a better agent! Buying in a hot sellers market in the midst of a global pandemic honestly could not have felt any easier or less stressful. Thank you!
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