Make A Great Offer!

    Make A Great Offer!

    Aug 22, 2020

    With inventory levels low and multiple offers often being made on a quality house within just 24 hours, it is vital to know how to write up a great offer that appeals to the sellers. There are four key factors that you should take into consideration when writing up a great offer. In order to make an offer that stands out among the rest, it is essential to know what is the sellers' motivations behind their move.

    In order to appeal to the sellers, you will want to know the answers to the below four questions before submitting your offer.

    1) What is the motivation behind the sellers' move? Are they being relocated for work? Is the move motivated because of a financial hardship? Is it a divorce situation? Are they empty nesters who are downsizing? Has there been a death in the family? Knowing this information, you can better determine and select a closing date that speaks to the seller and their situation.  

    2) Would a delayed possession date be helpful to the seller? Sellers who've been in the house for years may need more time after closing to move out of the house. In situations where sellers value more time to move, it would be beneficial to consider not taking possession at closing and delay possession perhaps a few days or even a week after closing to give the sellers more adequate time to move.

    3) Is the seller sensitive to paying the buyer's closing cost? Some sellers are put off by the buyer's request for the sellers to pay their closing cost above the usual splitting of the title and attorney fees. Your offer could be potentially rejected because they are offended by the thought of paying "your" closing costs. If closing costs are needed, you might consider increasing the sales price to offset the closing costs requested.  

    4)  Are the sellers buying or building a new house? Their purchase or build could be contingent on their current home selling and closing. The fewer contingencies the less likely your offer is to fall apart. If possible, you should minimize contingencies in your offer in order to give the sellers more confidence in your offer.

    For more strategies on putting together a great offer and winning the house of your dreams, feel free to contact any of our ERA King Realtors®.