Is Your Home Back-To-School Ready?

    Is Your Home Back-To-School Ready?

    Jul 22, 2021

    It's time to start preparing for the big day - the first day of the school year!  Yes, summer has come and gone and the kids are headed back to class.  From supply lists, shopping for school clothes, class registration and demanding schedules, preparing for the big day can be a hectic time for the entire family. 


    Help make the move from home to the classroom a smooth one with these #home tips:


    Tip #1:  Schedule your priorities.  Planning a weekly schedule and making it visible for everyone to see keeps everyone on track to tackle daily tasks.  From waking up, to out the door for school, sitting down for dinner time, doing homework and getting to bed should have the same designated time throughout the week.  It makes the day less hectic and creates a routine that is easy to follow.


    Tip #2:  Closet Cleanout.  Nothing is worse than getting up in the morning and fumbling through clothes that are out of season or don’t fit.  The ultimate goal:  Be prepared and organized.  Cleaning out things not needed ahead of time helps everything stay tidy and keeps everyone on schedule in the morning.  Having school outfits already put together the night before is also a good way to save time in the morning with less “what do I wear?” drama.  


    Have a hard time getting rid of things?  Donate the clothes to family members, friends or others that can use them. 


    Tip #3:  Fridge Takeover. Yes, it’s time to make room in the fridge for school lunches, water bottles and snacks.  Keeping everything labeled and on the bottom shelf is a great way for the kids to be able to grab and go when leaving for school.  Preparing items the night before will also give you extra time in the morning to handle other home duties and ensures nothing is left behind or forgotten about before walking out the door in the mornings.    


    Tip #4:  Homework Station. Everyone needs a little space of their own and this goes for the kids, too!  Consider taking a small space in your home and dedicate it for homework and school projects.  Make it a space to enjoy with easy access to school supplies, computer chargers and current projects. Be creative and hang artwork, report cards, positive notes - this helps make the space fun and is a small reminder of past accomplishments.  


    Tip #5:  Entryway Welcome.  We’ve all been there. The kids come home from school and the bookbags and shoes land at the front door.  It can turn into a daily hassle.  Creating an organized space near the main entry of your home for these items will get rid of the clutter!  Use labels, storage baskets, name plates to help make it easy to put away everyday items.  This is a great way to get everyone involved and turn it into a family project.

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