MD, VA, WV Sales Tax Holiday 2021

    MD, VA, WV Sales Tax Holiday 2021

    Jul 28, 2021

    You hardly ever get a break when it comes to taxes. Regardless of what state you are in, whenever you hear someone speak of the dreaded taxes, their face scrunches and the conversation turns sour. The many things that people dislike about taxes is offset by a statewide special Tax Day. This year, the Sales Tax Holiday for Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia is only a few weeks (days for some states) away!

    What is it?

    The Sales Tax Holiday is a few set days where there is no sales tax on specified items. These items vary from state to state and usually include clothing, school supplies for the next school year, and preparedness products.

    When does this happen?

    Typically, all Tri-state areas have the sales tax-free stint right before the kiddos go back to school. This helps out the parents some with expenses since we all know how fast kids grow. Maryland is different in it has two separate occasions for sales tax omissions. Maryland’s first sales tax free days are August 8th to the 14th. The second few days are February 13th through the 15th. For Virginia, the days are August 6th through the 8th. West Virginia’s days are July 31st through August 2nd.

    What are eligible items?

    -For Virginia, eligible items for the holiday are:

    Qualifying school supplies



    Hurricane preparedness items

    Energy Star™ and WaterSense™ brand appliances


    -West Virginia’s eligible items are:


    School supplies

    Sports equipment


    -Maryland is a little different as their tax exempt items are different for two separate tax-free times:

    Energy Star Products (second run)

    Clothing and footwear (first run)

    Please check each states regulations of these sales tax free days as they do come with some stipulations.

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