Shepherdstown-More History Than A Weekend Can Fit

    Shepherdstown-More History Than A Weekend Can Fit

    Sep 13, 2018

    Situated in the lower Shenandoah Valley, Shepherdstown is the oldest city in West Virginia. Anyone walking down the city streets would recognize its place in history with the old-fashioned buildings, wrought iron fences, and unique atmosphere.

    This quaint university town is home to several small shops, cafés, restaurants, and various other places of interest. Shepherdstown is a perfect weekend getaway for anyone who wants to bask in some old-world charm and vibrancy. The cosmopolitan vibe of the town also attracts many retirees from the Washington, DC area. The old exists alongside the new in Shepherdstown, with the economy dependent mostly on Shepherd University, formerly Shepherd College. The college is situated along the heart of the town, German Street, where the majority of the shops are located as well.

    Surrounded by History

    No matter when you visit Shepherdstown, you will always find something of interest, such as the Shepherdstown Museum, where you can find exhibits from the town's colorful history ranging from the Colonial Era to present day.

    There is also the Rumsey Monument. This statue stands in place for James Rumsey, a British man who built and tested a steamboat along the Potomac River. James Rumsey also has a Technical Institute built and named after him located in Martinsburg, WV.

    Another historical item that you may overlook on your tour of Shepherdstown, is the simple bricks that make up the beautiful buildings. These historic buildings coupled with brick-lined sidewalks are common features in the town. In the past there were many brickyards in the region, because the clay soil was excellent for making sustainable building materials. Most of the buildings in the town were also built with these bricks.