Shepherdstown -West Virginian with a bit of German

    Shepherdstown -West Virginian with a bit of German

    Oct 18, 2018

    Trees, overalls, and moonshine are probably what you think when you think about West Virginia. What the masses fail to consider is the culture, the friendliness, and the satisfaction of sitting on a front porch in the oldest town in West Virginia: Shepherdstown. While Shepherdstown is no Charleston and surely no Welch there is a Birmingham-like charm in this quaint little college town obtained by Thomas Shepherd in 1734.

    To begin to paint the picture of this picturesque town, image a single street lit by lamplight while proprietors and patrons walk the streets with arms full of handmade goods and a piping hot cup of coffee from the Lost Dog Coffee Shop – a hit with the locals. Add in the red brick church with the high steeples and iron wrought fence and crisp white doors leading inside. Now, add in all the old shops with slightly peeling paint and warm light emanating out onto the sidewalks.

    Once you have the image in your head toss yourself down on the street and let’s begin to take a little stroll through this freshly painted Birmingham!

    Shepherdstown not only has a University, but also a football stadium, huge theater, bowling alley, indoor swimming pool, designated parking areas, and the elegant Wellness Center (Gym) ironically located near a Domino’s Pizza.

    If fastish food isn’t your thing then there is always the plethora of dine-in restaurants along the main drag of Downtown Shepherdstown, many of which offer vegan and vegetarian options. These establishments include: The Blue Moon Café with their endless supply of wraps or The Press Room with their chic exposed brick wall interior.

    With dinner over it’s time to walk it off with a little shopping. There are no Big Box stores along this town’s historic streets so you’ll have to get your Target fix some other time. Downtown Shepherdstown boutiques, shops, and craft makers are all independently owned and operated meaning you will not find anything like them anywhere else. To name a few of these must-see locals: The Now and Then Shop, On the Wings of Dreams, and O’Hurley’s General Store.

    The sun is setting in your Birmingham; time to find a great place to stay the night! Sitting on the border between West Virginia and Maryland is a building that looks like no other in the small town. The building is huge and grand and overlooks the running Potomac River. The first noticeable thing about the Bavarian Inn is that you can’t see it. When you look in your rear view thinking "did I pass it” you immediately see the infinity pool looks like it’s going to flow a guest right into the river below.

    Not only does the Inn have an updated modernist pool, the interior décor whisks you back in time to Germany and offers classical furnishings and polished antiques. Each room though, comes equipped with all the modern amenities that guests from this century would expect in a room – including a fireplace and a whirlpool bath!

    If you need a place to relax and enjoy the simple things in life then Shepherdstown is the destination for you!

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