New Year's Resolution Alternatives

    New Year's Resolution Alternatives

    Dec 27, 2019

    What is your New Year’s resolution for 2020? Do you have one yet? Stating your resolution can be an empowering thing when you first think of it. You are going to exercise more or get back in shape! When the time comes to actually get motivated and hit the gym the gusto is gone and the stress of failing kicks in. Maybe you just picked the wrong New Year’s resolution. Here are some alternative habits to pick up, small ways to enrich your life, or just some things that could make you a happier person. Which could you see yourself doing in the new year?


    Better your Health

    Drink More Water – this one sounds simple right? The experts can’t agree on exactly how much you should drink, but you should definitely give water a try. If you don’t get all that much sleep, then you should try to incorporate water into your day.

    Keep Away the Clutter – de-cluttering your home could do wonders for your mental state of mind.

    Explore Something New – broaden your horizons with a new hobby or trying something new! Attend a ballet, go to a paint night, go to a new state for vacation.

    Put Down the Phone – many people cannot calculate how long they spend on their devices. Making an effort to connect with friends and family on a face to face level could make all the difference in 2020. Who doesn’t love to reconnect with loved ones?

    Stress Reducers

    Cook Something New – trying new things is always fun (usually)! Try and challenge yourself to try a new recipe a month or every week. This will break up those mundane meals. Invite friends and family over and turn it into a bonding meal!

    Read More – reading is relaxing. Making time for you is essential to be a happier, healthier person. Set an easy goal for a new book every two months.

    Take the Stairs – if you sit in an office all day located in a larger building then this little resolution may be a no brainer. By taking the steps instead of the elevator you give yourself a little energy boost and get a little healthier with every flight climbed.

    Be a Plant Person – even little succulents will do. They not only purify the air in your home and look good doing it, they could lower your blood pressure.

    Slow it Down – do one thing at a time. Being efficient and getting stressed out are two very different things. By singularly focusing on an individual task at a time, you will likely cut down the anxiety of having remaining incomplete tasks as new ones pop up.


    Schedule ALL your Appointments – no one wants to go to the Doctor’s either because they just really, REALLY don’t like them or the price burns a hole in their pocket. Whichever the case, the doctor, the dentist, or the dermatologist must be seen. By setting all your visits at one time and at the very beginning of the year, it will be less likely for a visit to get skipped because there just isn’t room for it in the schedule.

    Actually TAKE your Lunch Break – taking back your lunch break not only gives your midday oasis meaning, but it also can increase your productivity. Take the time to go take a walk after lunch or get in your ten-minute step climbing!

    Build a Better Budget – before splurging the next payday, look into money saving apps such as Mint or other apps that round up and save the extra change. Maybe you need to actually set a budget for spending such as one for food, entertainment (like going to the movies or out with friends), or “just for me” items like a new pair of shoes or other clothing items.

    Did these alternatives make you change your mind about a New Year’s resolution? Let us know what yours is!