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    The Tom Corte & Dana Wright team brings experience in all types of real estate transactions. From first time home buyers on a budget, to the experienced income property investor looking to build his or her portfolio. Whether you are looking to sell your luxury home, or you want to find a fixer, our team can help. We seek to serve and to always put the interests of our client first. We take our agency responsibility seriously and aim for excellence in our service to our clients needs and financia...l interests at every step in the real estate selling or buying process. Give us a call and let's get started! Less More

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    There is something to be said for experience and character. Tom Corte has buckets full of both of those. Tom has been my agent for nearly eight years. But only did he know the market, he also knows a lot about contacting, building structures, and even more about human nature. When you are the buyer, Tom can find you the best property, at the best price. When you are the seller, Tom will only present only the best qualified, and most motivated buyers. He'll do his best for everyone involved, because he's savvy, and he has professional and personal ethics and standards.
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    The phrase, "consummate professional," gets tossed around too much. I know a true, consummate professional. His name is Tom Corté. It's not just the depth and breadth of his many years of experience in the Los Angeles market. No, it's also his desire to be of use, to be of service, to GIVE more to his client/s than to get from his clients. Tom immerses himself into personal research regarding construction, land, and the many, many micro markets throughout Los Angeles, by personally driving, walking, and talking to people all over this town. Sharp, informed negotiator, too. Never met an agent like him. And I have worked with many good real estate agents, over the years.
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    I am an out of state seller and trustee for my moms estate condo located in Playa Vista. Dana went the extra mile from day one to schedule and coordinate paint and repairs on my behalf. Her communication and real estate methodology were consistently outstanding. I would highly recommend both Steve Matilla Realty and Dana Wright. I have been working with Steve for over 20 years, and he is the consummate professional.
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    She's the best choice!! I began working with Dana several years ago. At the time I didn't want to sell the house, rather rent it. So, she arranged a lease and found a tenant for me. At the beginning of this year I asked Dana to sell the house and she did. She made the process extremely easy for me since I live out of state. Dana was available for questions any time and provided updates as to progress. When I needed a specialist opinion, she referred someone to me, who also turned out great. If the need arises, I'll contact them again. Dana was competitive and provided the best service for the price. I price checked several companies/agencies to compare. At the conclusion of the sale Dana has stayed in touch to ensure all is well.
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    Not all agents are equal! Here's our story- In 2010 my husband and I were heartbroken and close to giving up. We'd been trying for over 2 years to find our first home. We had gone through a few well meaning agents who wasted theirs and our time by showing us houses they knew did not fit our request. When the last agent blew a deal on offer and then tried to sell us another house that we clearly didn't want, we were done with it all, defeated. We agreed to take 6 months off and just let it go with the flow. Less than a week later in December my husband stopped for a coffee at Tanner's, a place he goes to maybe twice a year and noticed Tom and Dana's office. For reasons he can't explain he had a good vibe about it (and he's not a vibey guy) he decided to walk in. He asked Tom can you get me a deal on a house and if you find me that deal are you the man who can close it.? Tom said with a smile on his face and without hesitation, absolutely. And that is exactly what he did. We closed about 6 months later in June and now have lived in our dream home for 6 1/2 years. Tom Corte, "There is no substitute!" Lol but true. I only met Dana once and she was as nice as she could be. She asked us if we wanted a kitten, and there were plenty to choose from. Apparently she helps with animal rescues along with everything else she balances. No wonder her and Tom work together, some people are just overachievers. By the way, our house is now worth twice what we paid for it.
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