Closing to Keys To-Do List.

    Closing to Keys To-Do List.

    May 24, 2022

    There is so much to do when buying a house.

    ERA Real Solutions Realty has created a buyer’s closing checklist. The list of things you need from close to getting the key to your new home. At the most exciting part of the process, there are a lot of errands and things you must have in order. You can prepare for some of these ahead of time, but others are based on a schedule. Have patience. Your new home is waiting.

    Here are the things you need to do to succeed:

    Before you Close

    The list of errands that are the steps to success.

    ·       Transfer Funds for Closing: Moving money makes the transaction more real.

    ·       Change your address with USPC, Bank, etc.: Some homework that makes things easier later.

    ·       Set up utilities to be transferred: We all need internet.

    ·       Confirm all contingencies are resolved: Not sure what this means, but your real estate agent can help.

    ·       Schedule a final walk-through: Make sure everything is as planned at the house.

    Closing Day-What to Bring

    It is nice to know what to bring on one of the biggest days in your life. The task list is below.

    ·       Connect with the Lender to wire the correct funds.

    ·       Bring printed confirmation of your wire transfer.

    ·       Government Photo ID

    ·       Social Security Number

    ·       Home Addresses from the last ten years

    ·       Proof of homeowners insurance

    ·       Your copy of the contract

    ·       Checkbook, Bank Check, ACH Check for payment under 10,000 and under

    Closing Day

    The day is here—the last four steps before getting the key to your new dream home.

    ·       Sign Closing disclosure, Promissory Note, and all other documentation

    ·       Title Transfer

    ·       Deed Delivery

    ·       Save Your Paperwork in a safe place

    ·       Get Your Keys

    Our checklist can help but sometimes, having a trusted professional who has the experience and a team selling homes for over 50 years on your side makes this checklist come with a seasoned coach.


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