Get Cash Back When Buying Your House

    Get Cash Back When Buying Your House

    Sep 17, 2020

    Get Cash Back When Buying Your House

    Really and Here is How!

    “Home is Where the Heart Is”

    The stress of buying a house starts with the fact that it is the largest financial purchase in one’s lifetime.

    The purchase of a home usually is in the top three or five for most Americans. There are lots of great

    financial adviceon how to make this large purchase easier with some planning.

    Communities are built on helping the people that live in them. Companies and groups invest in people in

    their immediate city, town, and state. They know there are benefits to help the neighborhoods, and

    they do offer options for cash backs at a house closing.

    Are you taking advantage of these offers to make the best of buying your dream home?

    No matter what reason you decide to buy a home, being smart about the money you are spending and

    not spending is the key to lower the stress of it. Realtors have many options for you offered by

    community partners that can give you some money in your pocket after the closing for either a well-

    deserved vacation, new furniture, or the money back into your saving. Your choice, your money!

    The primary partnerships for money back at closing come from community partnerships with realtors.

    Your bank and financial institutions have many options for home buyers for cash back at closing for

    having your money secure with them anyway. Check out what they can offer to make this purchase even

    smoother is always a good bet. One of our favorites is First National Bank;

    People think there is a revolving door to employers these days, but many offer great programs to build

    the community in which they work and play as well. In the military, Navy Federal Credit Union has

    unique partnerships with securing military families to their safe space.

    Ironically there is one more place you can receive cashback on something you pay all the time. Long

    time vendors that you pay monthly offer cashback incentive in home buying. Consumer products

    companies like Allstate, AARP, and AT & T all offer programs when you are buying a home that

    leads to cash on closing day.

    And Bonus: ERA Real Solutions Realty is a part of Realogy; Realogy and ERA Real Solutions give many

    opportunities for rewards in programs like Family and Friends that help with the cost of buying a home. We

    have many rewards opportunities that, if you ask your agent about, can lead to a better balance of

    the money exchange the day you buy your dream home.