Making Your Pets Comfortable in Your New Home!

    Making Your Pets Comfortable in Your New Home!

    Jul 21, 2021

    Tips on Making Your Pets Comfortable in Your New Home!

    Finding a new home is easy with ERA, but unfortunately, moving into your home can find individuals in a very stressful state. The chaos and nervous energy affect our furry family as well. They know we are excited and anxious, so very likely there are feeling the effects as well.

    Here are some tips on transition our pets to our new home.

    1.     Reduce Your Pets’ Anxiety

    Before, during, and after the move, it is crucial to consider your pet as an individual. Is there a routine that can make your pet more comfortable? Be sure to keep their individual preferences in mind as you pack up those last boxes and load the moving van for the final trip to the new house. Remember, the home is new for them as well.

    2.     Keep Old Routines

    Most pets have a schedule and do well when their routines. They like to eat simultaneously, go for walks, and feel safe through old smells, toys, beds, and daily activities. Even spending time on the new floor with your pets works to spread your scent and presence quickly.

    3.      Ensure all pets are healthy

    If you are moving cross country or down the street, make sure that your pet is looked at by a professional to see if their shots are up to date, there are no unlying conditions and feel their best can lead to less stress.  Also, knowing what plants in your new yard could be harmful and making sure the fence, if applicable, is stable and ready for outdoor play is an important thing to consider.

    Animals are our extended family. Their well-being physically and mentally can make a move much easier if you put specific strategies to make a move comfortable for them.  Make sure to include your furry friends in walks of the new neighborhood, introduce them to new friends, and make them comfortable in their new home. 


    In honor of our love for all animals, we actively support our local humane societies with their Amazon Wishlist and events to keep pets safe and healthy in our communities. Want to know more about how you can help your local chapter, find more information here.