The Calming Hues of Blues in a Home!

    The Calming Hues of Blues in a Home!

    Jan 25, 2022

    Did You Ever Notice How the Color of the Beach and the Color for Winter share the same color scheme?

    The color we love at the beach has the same color palette as the season that most people dread. We have all watched a House Hunter episode where the person is mortified by the color of the in one of the rooms and cannot see past it. Paint is the easiest home task. Painting is a great staging addition to helping your home sell in any environment.

    The right feeling to make your home feel serene starts with these three colors. Using blue, white, and beige can transform your space into a neutral warm space that makes any buyers want to buy on the spot. Cool colors and neutral colors can make you feel calm. The fewer colors you combine and a minimalist style creates a feeling of home for most potential buyers.

    Three Tint Tones

    A tint of Sky Blue Like the Ocean

    The colors of water and sky are the blue tints that make us crave a vacation house. If matching outright isn’t your style then using hues and tints of your favorite landscape can create a similar positive effect. Do you have a favorite tint of blue?

    Three Things of White

    Too much of the white stuff in the winter and too much white in a beach cottage is a real thing. White is hard to keep sparkling new so use the right hints of white with paint, pillows, and furniture to pull the right amount of white in a room. No one wants a washed-out room with no personality. Red appliances, painted furniture, accent pillows, and wood can be a simple way to do this.

    Set the Tone With Beige


    Beige has relaxing and comforting influences and encourages feelings of warmth and calmness. Beige also promotes a general sense of neutrality and impartial thinking.