Bring Your Outdoor Spaces Back to Life!

    Bring Your Outdoor Spaces Back to Life!

    Jun 15, 2021

    With decent weather finally in the forecast, many Colorado Springs residents are taking a look at their outdoor space and looking for ways to convert the brown, boring view from winter into a more vibrant, enjoyable vista.

    But before you rush out to your local garden center to invest in pricey plants, make sure you've covered the basics.

    First, survey your yard for dead and diseased branches on trees, or new, unwanted offshoots that detract from the correct form on plants. According to local company Timberline Landscaping, some plants that are pruned in spring benefit from a good rejuvenation pruning where you cut the plants back severely to allow them to generate all new growth. They recommend limiting this practice to every 3-5 years. 

    Next, use a flexible leaf rake to give your lawn a gentle de-thatching. Watch for pieces of lawn that are matted down. New grass may have difficulty penetrating these dense patches, and raking can solve this problem. Winter in Colorado can cause the soil to get compacted and hard. Your lawn may benefit from aeration.

    If you want to know if your lawn is in dire need, try out this experiment:

    • Use a bucket or cut some holes into a plastic Tupperware.
    • Set the bucket or Tupperware on your lawn.
    • Pour water into the container and look at how the water travels on the lawn.

    If the water beads up and rolls over the grass rather than sinking into the soil, it is wise to schedule aeration, which will loosen up the soil and promote the roots to grow deeper and get maximum benefits from any fertilizer treatments put on the lawn.

    Once your lawn is cared for, edge out your flower beds. This not only neatens the landscape but also creates a “lip” to contain mulch that can be applied once the soil warms consistently for the season.