Spring into the Smokies

    Spring into the Smokies

    Mar 24, 2021

    Tired of being cooped up?

    For many, working from home this past year has shown just how adaptable we can really be. It also revealed the importance of taking a break every now and then. Between the blurred workdays and measures taken to protect everyone’s health, getting away has it's challenges.

    Each distinct season brings its own new wonders and "nothing could be finer, than to be in Carolina" in the springtime. As the Smokies wake up from the winter slumber, you'll begin seeing the mountains " greening up" to the peaks. and welcome the first blossoms of spring color. Fondly referred to as “the other color season” the area comes alive with the early blossoms of springs like daffodils, dogwoods and cherry blossoms. 

    Warmer days and mild evenings offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor adventures.  Locals love to hike this time of year before the trees have filled out. Bird watchers, wildflower enthusiasts, naturalists, history buffs and those simply seeking a feeling of nostalgia or renewal – each visitor will experience the Smokies’ many dimensions in his or her own way.

    Whether you would like to "saunter" in the woods or hike to a mountain peak, there is a trail and hike for all! Check out our local visitors information center for Hikes in Haywood County