Not So Scary Social Media

    Not So Scary Social Media

    Feb 20, 2020

    These days EVERYBODY is part of some social media platform. Not only is it one of the best ways to keep up with family, friends, etc. across the world, but did you know it's also a phenomenal tool for your business? If you don't use social media to promote your product or service, then you are WAY behind. It's 2020 - get with the times!!

    I know what you're thinking, "social media is for showing off your kid's participation award for soccer or posting your wedding photos for everyone who wasn't there." Well, I hate to break it to ya, but that's false! Social media is one of if not the best way to put yourself out there, meet people you wouldn't have otherwise and grow your business! And as intimidating as it sounds, it's quite simple!

    Recently, our company had the exciting pleasure of holding a 30-day social media competition where our agents were required to post some type of content every day during that time. At first, most of them were as intimidated as could be, but once by the end, there were so many success stories, it was crazy! We had one agent who doubled their followers over the 30 days and another increased their engagement rate by 45%! In the real estate world, every follower and click counts!

    If you're newer to social media, Facebook is a great place to start. It's user-friendly, popular and free to use! I suggest creating a business page rather than using your personal - you can easily connect the two! You can use your page to share all sorts of stuff for your business: new listings, open houses, client testimonials and so much more. We've found the best approach is the 80/20 style - 80% business and 20% personal. As much as this is used for your business, it's never a bad idea to allow your potential clients to get to know you before choosing you to be their agent!

    One of the best parts of Facebook is how user-friendly it is. It will help you create, publish and maintain your page with ease with guides along the way. And as far as creating content, the world is your oyster! Posting on holidays is always a wonderful idea - try posting on your favorite national holidays, too! Come up with an ongoing weekly or month post - for example: "#HelpfulHumpdayHints," every Wednesday post something helpful your followers can use during their buying or selling process.

    At the end of the day, the best way to familiarize yourself and get over your fear is to make like Nike and "Just Do It!" Play with your page and see what you come up with or look at other pages you like and model yours after them! The world of technology is ever-changing, so I suggest catching up before you get left too far behind!