5 Valentine's Day Date Ideas in Your New Home

    5 Valentine's Day Date Ideas in Your New Home

    Jan 31, 2020

    So, you just moved into your dream home and Valentine's Day is around the corner. You're exhausted from all the packing and moving and are ready to take a break to relax. Besides, you did just buy a house, maybe give your bank account a break, too? Here are 5 cute, cozy and cheap dates to have right there in your new crib! Don't worry, there's plenty of romance included!

    1. Netflix & Chill

    While this may sound too, "everyday-ish", it can be just what cupid ordered! Plus, we all know the internet was the first thing you set up. Make it romantic by creating a lineup of your honey's favorite movies or surprise them with that one they added to their watchlist months ago! Catch up on those episodes the move kept you from watching or binge on that new show everybody's obsessed with. Build a fort or pallet and get cozy, who cares if there's furniture! Just don't forget the popcorn!

    2. Indoor Picnic

    No TV? No couch? No problem! Spread out your coziest blanket, grab your fanciest glasses (or plastic cups if they're still packed) and feast! A cheese & charcuterie board is ALWAYS a good idea. Or go old school and make each other's favorite sandwich from your childhood (any fellow #TeamFluffernutters out there?). Haven't unpacked the kitchen or stocked the fridge yet? Do a smorgasbord and order each of your favorite item from your two favorite stores or restaurant. Or, ya know, pizza!

    3. Game Night

    Set up your sweetheart's favorite game, drink and snacks! Who's the best out of three? Winner gets a back massage? Try challenging yourselves to complete a puzzle from start to finish! Add a little more fun by combining each of your top two favorite snacks in one big bowl! Is it more salty than sweet? Chocolate over cheese? Crunchy or salty? There's only one way to find out!

    4. Christen Your New Kitchen

    Everything is spotless, which makes it the perfect opportunity to dirty it up! Try remaking your go-to meal from your favorite restaurant. Make a heart-shaped pizza with dough from scratch -- don't be afraid to toss it! Make homemade sushi. Are you a spicy tuna, philly or rainbow roll? Why not create your own? Or stick with a classic and whip up a steak with mashed potatoes and green beans! Ever tried fondue at home? Give it a whirl!

    5. At-Home Spa

    You finally have that garden tub you've been dreaming about for as long as you can remember -- hop in! Pour in as much bubble bath as possible or drop in a fun, relaxing bath bomb! Sip on your favorite wine and turn up your favorite music or heck, bring your Netflix & Chill in there! *Sprinkle* in some romance with rose petals and candles! Soak it up to your heart's desire, you deserve it, after all you did just buy a new house!